• The Boy:

    "Dude, are you sure you're going to be okay?" Jerome asked in a worried tone as he kept his eyes on the window.

    "Me? Okay? Hah. I'll be fine." Mason responded with his cigarette in his hand.

    "Why'd you run away again?" the blonde Brittany asked.

    " My mom's a crazy b*tch. The end. There's my life story for ya." Mason put his cigarette out and calmly sat next to Brittany. He ran his hand through her hair. "Besides, all will be well. Trust me." he whispered in her ear and kissed her neck. His lips then quickly moved to hers.

    "Mason, you can't be making out at a time like this!" Jerome yelled.

    "Oh yes I can. You can make out with Amy." Mason said. Amy gave a wave to Jerome from across the room. He sighed and put his hands on his head. Then his worst fear suddenly manifested into his worst reality.

    "Sh*t. Sh*t. Oh, junk. You've gotta be fricking kidding me. Brittany, Amy, get out of here. Jerome, I'm sorry, dude. I really am." Mason said as he jumped up from the couch.

    "It's fine. I was only helping my best friend out." Jerome said while shooing the girls out. Two loud knocks were suddenly heard upon the door. The boys glanced at each other as they silently agreed to both head towards the door.

    "One of you boys Mason Brown?" the officer demanded.

    "Yes, sir. That'd be me." Mason whispered.

    You're under arrested."

    "So I can tell."

    "Do you know what for?"

    "My mother's insanity."

    "Hah, good one. Nope, you're in for your unruliness."

    "But of course." Mason mumbled as he escorted to the police car.

    The Girl:
    "Does he smell good, Momma?" Taylor Ashley asked as she put the puppy up to her mother's face.

    "Put that poor dog down. I am quite sure he is already traumatized from being in this house. Besides, weren't you on the phone a few moment s ago?" her mother said with annoyance.

    "Yeah, but Mason told me to go spend time with Todd. He'll call me back tonight." Taylor put the little puppy, Todd, back onto his feet. He wobbled around until he was completely dried.

    Taylor went about her normal routine of a Sunday by finishing any homework she may of had and playing tennis. Her room was always a mess and always covered in posters. She cleaned everything but that room.

    "Todd, why do I get the feeling that Mason isn't going to call me back?" But of course, the 7 week old puppy had fallen asleep in her lap as they sat in the grass. Taylor's hazel eyes faced the sky, and they watched the clouds dance.

    A feeling of anxiety over came her body. This October Sunday would be unlike any other.