• Username: Sullen Midnight Moon
    Rp name: MUIREANN
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human


    Spontaneous Revelation – From the time she was old enough to speak, MUIREANN has been gifted with dreams and visions that provide revelation about events past, present, and future. It's chief purpose has never been completely determined however as the visions and/or dreams may or may not have anything to do with events that relate to her personally or those around her.

    Lay on Hands Healing - MUIREANN has the ability to heal minor wounds by simply touching them. This can come in handy after a long and tiring fight, but has its limits as she must use her own energy to heal. Also, she cannot raise the dead or heal herself.

    Light of Illumination – This light enimates from the emerald on the staff that MUIREANN carries. It has varying intensities that serve one of two purposes. The first is a blinding flash that can stun her foes. The second is a gentle glow that can illuminate dark places.

    Shattering Blow – This is strike that MUIREANN is able to perform by channeling energy through her staff. It can be used to deal a mighty blow to an opponent, shatter objects, or it can cause the ground to quake around her within a ten foot radius.


    Child – While her abilities make her quite strong as a person, her age and stature make it difficult for her to engage in close range combat. Also, her experience leaves her clueless on how to handle a great many situations.

    Uncontrollable Powers – With the exception of the light if illumination, MUIREANN cannot control her abilities because she lacks training. The most inconvenient part of this is spontaneous revelation which leaves her defenseless when it occurs.

    Job: Former Slave

    Personality: MUIREANN is shy, withdrawn, and submissive keeping to herself until she gets to know someone. This is mostly due to the years she has spent as a slave girl where she had to do as her captors demanded in order to receive nourishment and proper lodging. Still, in spite of these characteristics, she can be quite heroic in a benevolent sense giving of herself to aid those who are hurting and putting herself in harms way in order to keep those she cares about from danger.

    Weapons: MUIREANN carries a quarter staff of less than elaborate design. It's only distinguishing characteristic is the emerald like gem that adorns the top of it.

    Bio: As far back as she can remember, MUIREANN was the possession of a group of gypsies who stole her as a baby and used her to provide services at a price. She was used as both a healer and a seer until recently when a bandit raid allowed her to escape her captors into the wilderness where she now roams alone and frightened foraging the land for food with only a staff and the dress that she wears. (Will reveal more as the game goes on.)

    Appearance: MUIREANN is four foot eleven inches tall and weighs in at ninety pounds soaking wet. She has long red unkept hair that feels like silk to the touch, deep green eyes, and a fair completion that glistens in the sun.

    Likes: nice people, butterflies, berries, helping others
    Dislikes: mean people, raised voices, crowds