• "Hey Leena! What's going on babe?" Ryan kissed my cheek as he held me in his arms. "Erm... nothing Ryan. How about you?" I had been thinking oof breaking up with him for awhile now because, even though he is a total sweetheart arounf everyone else, he is a drunken idiot to me. His friends were with him today. I would get a break. He gave me a quick death stare before he said something. "Is something wrong? I am wonderful." but I knew I was in trouble "Unless you ruin this for me, b***h." He whispered lovingly in my ear. I struggled to get out of his arms carefully with no succes,since everytime I moved he made his grip stronger. His friends just chuckled. No, I wasn't getting a break today, just more bruises.

    "Sorry Ryan, but may I please speak to you? Privately? Please." "Of course beautiful. Anything for you!" He rolled his own eyes as he said it and let go of me. We walked over to a tree nearby and I began to talk, which I would soon discover was a HUGE mistake. "Well....Erm...It just....Uhm... I don't really think that...uh...maybe we should maybe sorta see...other peop--" He grabbed the top of my neck before I could finish the last word, and lifted me in the air. I already couldn't breath but he didn't care, he just kept punchhing me in the stomach and with each blow, I became weaker. I don't remember excactly how everything else happened but I do remember that one of his friends, Dariun, came over to stop him. I blacked out and that's all I remembered.

    When I woke up I was laying on the sidewalk, something was putting pressure on my stomach. No, it was someone. It was Dariun, holding his hoodie there for some reason. As I started to get feeling back I realized that I was lying in something sticky and warm. Then, my brain clicked. I was lying in my own blood and Daruin was trying to stop the bleeding. "Oh my god! Your opening your eyes! Do you have a cell phone? Mine died so it's at home and I need to call you help." Itried to move my arm but all I felt was pain. Broken. Ofcourse it was. Why not? So I tried the left arm and it wasn't badly damaged. Thank god!

    I moved my arm over to my pocket and he realized where it was. He slid the phone out of my pocket as I tried to fall back asleep. "Ambulance! TALK FASTER!....There's a girl...well teen.. well sshe's 17 so you figure that out. anyway, she is badly beaten and... oh god, she is bleeding everwhere...WHAT!! Why can't she go back to sleep. Oh.. then okay..." He kept telling me to stay awake and I soon heard sirens.

    The last thing I saw was Dariun's parent's hugging him like crazy as they also interigated him, waiting for the police to arrive, and a paramedic, I read her name tag "Leslie-Anne" and then she let me sleep.I had a dream that night. Im guessing the reason was becase of the meds but, you take what you can get right? So I enjoyed the dream, I soaked up all the colors and sounds and people and right as Daruin came in to view, I heard a voice carefully waking me up.

    It was Leslie-Anne waking me to see if I would like a visiter. "How bad is my hair?" I asked her with my words slurring slightly. "You mom was in earlier and brushed it for you, you look fabulous." She smiled and I nodded. It was Dariun. "You get out of here today. I have more great news too. Ryan is going to jail!" he said the words so fast I barely understood them. "He'll get out, you know he will. He's got piles of money so high planes could hit them in mid-flight." Dariun just smiled. "Not this time. His parents are in Mexico for a month and time to turn in bail is ending in an hour. He is staying there for a long time."

    IIt had been a year since Ryan had gone to jail and I was living my life happily. Me and Darius had started dating the second we found out we were both going to the same college and Dariun had gotten a citezenship award for helping me.