• Sweetest Kiss

    He kept running, knowing that he would catch up to him someday. He had to catch him; he promised her that he would. So he kept going forward and never looking back. The memories were too painful.

    He was almost there, he could feel it, and he could sense him. He was here. They stood facing each other in silence for a while.

    "It's been awhile... Naruto." he let the last word roll off his tongue.

    "Sasuke..." the blonde replied dejectedly casting his eyes to the ground. He bit his bottom lip; he had been doing that a lot lastly.

    "Are you going to cry?" Sasuke asked tauntingly coming closer to the dejected blonde. "I don't see why you’re so sad though..."

    "I won't cry for you! She's already shed enough tears for the both of us." Naruto's voice was becoming horse from the strain of holding back tears. "But,
    Sasuke, I have to know... Why?"

    "Because I wanted power." He stated it clearly in that monotonous voice he was so famous for. He was now within reaching distance from the blonde who stared at him with tear filled eyes.

    Naruto kept fighting a losing battle with his tears, "But why did you need power?" His voice cracked and the tears started. It was the first time he'd cried over the other in front of anybody. Those times were personal. "Why couldn't you just forget him?"

    "How could I forget him, Naruto?" Sasuke grabbed the front of the blonde's jacket and shook him. "He took everything from me. Tell me Naruto. How?"

    "Because you had us!" Naruto yelled making Sasuke freeze and he pushed the boy away, freeing himself. "Tell me Sasuke was this worth it? Has everything that you've accomplished made leaving worth it?"

    "I need to protect you."

    "Protect us from what?"

    Sasuke was now behind the blond his arms around Naruto holding him in place. "I needed to protect you from him." Sasuke whispered in Naruto's ear making him shiver. "Because he wanted you as much as I did."

    Naruto froze and looked at Sasuke over his shoulder with wide tear filled cerulean eyes. "Naruto," he rolled it again liking the way it sounded, "you were right though. It wasn't worth it." The tears flowed faster. "I realized that there was only one way to protect you."


    Sasuke shifted slightly and laid a kiss on Naruto's lips and didn't pull back until he tasted the sweet coppery blood. Sasuke let go of Naruto and watched him fall to his knees blood running from his mouth, the rave had made sure that the demon fox wouldn't be able to heal him. Sasuke reached out and pulled the katana out of the blonde's heart. He looked into the tear filled cerulean eye's for the last time and saw the heartbreak there.

    "Sasuke..." then he was gone.

    He'd never thought that it'd be this easy to kill his best friend.