• Preface

    I was kidnapping a princess to save her from my own sister. And I was going to regret every moment of it.
    The guards were lounging lazily on some large boulders that rimmed the castle wall. They were drinking expensive champaign. I could smell it from the bushes, where I hid.
    They laughed haughtily and clinked glasses, cursing and shouting over each other in jibberish. One guard slapped another on the back, and he slid off his rock onto the damp ground, swearing. If I wasn't so nervous then I would start laughing.
    The man that had fallen started punching the one that had thumped him, and the others laughed and pounded the ground with pure, ecstatic enjoyment.
    A fistfight broke out between the six and I secretly slipped out of the bushes and to the gate. I was surprised - if those guards were planning their get-together, they should have met up at the gate. This made me feel uneasy: Maybe they didn't have to.

    Chapter One

    Eddi began to knead some dough. I rested my head on my hand, that was resting on our little wooden table. Eddi punched the dough quickly, like she was anxious. Her eyes kept wandering away from their work and she had to remind herself to keep going often.
    Mother walked in with a pail of fresh milk. I immediately went to help her, as I was taught to do.
    "Don't murder the poor bread! sweetums!" Mother rubbed Eddi's hands to calm her down, "What be all the excitement about?"
    "Mother, I wanted it to be a surprise, but Robin is coming back!"
    "Oh good heavens!" Mother grabbed the table to steady herself. I grabbed her and helped her into a seat. Mother put her hand on her forehead, breathing deeply.
    "Mother? Are you alright?" I asked, dabbing her cheeks with a cold washcloth.
    "H-he's so handsome", Mother giggled. Eddi and I burst into laughter.
    "Yes, Mother! And, myself, would like to wed him", Eddi sat down next to Mother hugging her.
    "Oh! No sitting! When's he coming, love? Hurry! Go get ready! We'll tidy up!" Mother rushed Eddi up the stairs, "Emari! Finish the bread. Then sweep the floor, and, oh hurry!" she danced out of the room calling to Father excitedly who was working in the fields.
    I smiled to myself and put the dough in a pan. I then adjusted the coals in the oven and pushed the tray inside, closing the door afterwards.
    Mother was frantic. She was beating the rugs and churning the butter at the same time, even after I warned her she would get dust in the margarine. She told me he wouldn't care if there was a itsy little piece of dust in there and hurried me on.


    The house was tidy and I sat on the sofa, knitting a shawl. I was wearing my best gown - it was lavender colored with a large bow around the waist.
    Eddi emerged from the stairway, looking marvelous. Her golden hair was piled on top of her head. She wore a peach colored dress with lace and ribbon adorned on it. She wore white lace gloves and tights. Her shoes were pearl white - I had never seen them before. She smiled, her white teeth gleaming from under her soft, pink lips. Her cheeks flushed and she batted her pale grey eyes.
    I smiled back at her as a loud knock echoed through the room. She gasped and looked as if she was going to fall from the stairs. I grabbed her so she could regain her balance.
    "Thank you, Emari! Oh, how do I look?" she asked worriedly.
    "Too beautiful for words", I said truthfully.
    "Robin! What a pleasure! Edaline!" Mother called excitedly. Eddi kissed my cheek and hurried down. I went after and sat on the rocking chair and resumed my knitting.
    "Robin! Oh, Robin!" I heard Eddi exclaim, "Do come in!"
    Eddi entered with her arm grasped around someone's muscular arm. I gasped, because Robin was more handsome then I ever remembered. His dark brown hair was curly. He had beautiful green eyes, surrounded by thick eyelashes. His face was tense, but he smiled, and he was suddenly all warm.
    "Hello, miss", he bowed to me, and Eddi's smile could not get any wider.
    "He-hello, sir. My name is Emari", I curtsied.
    "Ah, yes. I remember when you were just a little girl", he laughed at a memory.
    "Come! Sit down!" Eddi ushered him into a seat.