• The soft breeze brushed against Noelle's cheeks and a few drops of warm spring rain nestled in her hair. "Miss Noelle, it is time." Johnathan said, bowing deeply and shaking his butler uniform dry, and gesturing over to a dark corridor. "Not yet, John." Noelle replied.

    She shook the rain out of her hair and fixed her hard Miss-Noelle gaze at the maid, Charlotte. "Yes, Miss Noelle?" Charlotte asked, instantly noticing the stare. "Please tell the messenger to bring this note to the council." Noelle handed a neat white envelope. "Yes, Miss Noelle." Charlotte hurried away and met up with the messenger, Hermann.

    Meanwhile, when all this was happening, two evil girls were plotting their revenge on the King of Constalagia, King Henri the Second. The first girl's name was Debrah and the second one's name was Denrah. They were the sinister daughters of the horrible Devil, Devonico Devili. "What in the devil should we do, Denrah!?" Debrah asked her twin sister.

    "How should I know?! Besides, the king's gotten those dimwit guards to guard all around his castle." Denrah replied grumpily. "My badness, you must have gotten something stuck in your brain... You're usually so bad and awesomely evil, but today, you're so soft and mushy! What's gotten into you?" Debrah said, folding her arms. "It's that idiot Noelle that's worrying me. She's got power all over us, and that really doesn't suit me at all. No use planning too many schemes yet, we must come up with one that will overpower the throne, Debrah." Denrah grumbled.