• I am falling, huh I am falling? s**t I should(crack) stars blossom on my vision. (fade out). I am awake. I roll to my feet. It is dark...no not dark foggy. Fog is every where. Sirens are in the backround or are those screams. I am hurrying through. But silowhetes are moving unseen. through the fog near me. They moan and groan. I stay quiet. Moving fast through abandoned streets I come across a bloody teddy bear. ghastly ghouls gloaming apparitions going going going gone gave way to gumming great ghosts. I feel cold, but ash rains from the sky like snow. more shrieks i hide in a bathroom. the area changes becomes dark and uninviting. metal against metal. like a banshee vampyr, what do I do. I hide and he finds me I hid and he found me. Large sword swinging through door. back and forth seeking...me. it want me or at least my flesh. this flesh my flesh once and for all mighty fiends soar through the air. horrible shape just out of vision. mind bending reality like an asylum reminds me of a quote...the mind bends and twits to deal with the horrors of life. sometimes it bends so much it snaps in two. that slows me down. where am I
    crying and no one is around no one cares. the bells crack crack crack a car nearby makes noise. something unholy climbs from underneath. It has no limbs and thrashes back and forth. a black puckering hole in its chest. Like someone pulled thin rubber over it. Its features are underneath its skin. something moving underneath.its skin is like scar tissue wrapped around it whole being. god it can't exist. where am i? metal on metal I run past it brass petals in the night. I cant get away just as they are about to reach me I wake up on my couch. silent hill is on next to me. it is paused and I quickly turn it off.I immediatly regret it for now I am alone inthe dark. silence is looming.The case seems to be staring at me through the dark. The next day I return the game and get katamari damacy instead. we are not all fearless.