• Taylor! Taylor! her mom said over and over.
    Finally Taylor woke up after a 5 minute name shouting from her mom. biggrin
    "I'm up. "Taylor said
    "Good" answer mom
    "UGH!" Taylor sighed.
    "Another day with the three.... sweatdrop " she said under her breath.
    Later at school...
    "Hey! Taylor Over here!" Edward shouted from across the high school parking lot.
    Taylor trying not to smile.
    Keep a straight face she thought.
    "Sorry Tay" Carter said in a shy soft voice.
    "its okay Carter" staring into his eyes.
    Carter and Taylor about to have a moment.
    "Hey!" knowing he interrupted something Mark still said it.
    "Hey Mark" Taylor hissed trying to hide her feelings: scream
    "Uh. See you later Tay." Carter said feeling embrassed. redface
    "I'll catch you later Taylor wink " winked Edward
    "heh. okay 4laugh " said Taylor half hypnotized.
    "You okay?" Edward said in a worried voice
    "yeah" said full Taylor
    "Good." said Edward kissing Taylor softly on her forehead
    "heh 4laugh ." said half hypnotized Taylor again.
    In Math class....
    " Psst!Damon! Pass this to Taylor!" Mark hissed passing Damon a piece of paper
    "kk" said Damon (i'm sure he text a lot!)
    When Taylor got the note...

    Ar u bizy to(picture of moon and stars)?-
    heart Mark.....JK!
    rofl Mark.

    "What?!?!?!" Taylor shouted out loud (oops)
    "x=6 Taylor you get it?" said Mr. Free
    "what? Oh yeah I get it." said Taylor sorta confused.
    "x=6 because 12 minus half of the number you add it to (6+6=12) is 6. smile " said Edward smiling.
    "Thank you Edward for telling Taylor" said Mr. Free
    "It's not big deal." said Edward without looking away from Taylor.
    After Math...
    "Taylor! Did you get the note? said Mark happily and confused
    "What does it even say!" shouted Taylor
    "duh! it says: Are you busy tonight.
    "You can't spell, I could of mistaken this for a 1st graders note! I mean tonight after to it shows a moon and stars." Taylor said ranting Mark out
    "heh. I can't really spell." said Mark embrassed. sweatdrop (That's what you get for embrassing Carter!)
    "But, I don't know if I'm busy tonight." Taylor said.
    "cool. we will talk it over at lunch." said Mark
    "Okay. biggrin " Taylor happy thinking of it as a: "date"
    Edward sees Taylor's happy smile.
    Edward thinking: As long as she is happy I am too. smile
    Carter thinking: AHHHHH! scream How dare she go on a "date" with Mark! Hey! Wait why are there " " in date? Oh well I will ruin it! Maybe am I really that type of guy? *shrugs*
    At lunch...
    "Well I really, really, really, really, absoulutely looooooooooove the movie "A Walk To Remember" said Taylor
    What it sounds like in Marks head: Well I really, really, really, really, absoulutely haaaaaaate the movie "A Walk To Remember"
    "Really? Me too?" said Mark happy to finally find a girl who hates that movie
    Edward having a mini notebook and pencil writing down every word Taylor is saying.
    Carter has three twikes thinking if he should get fat now or later, stressed
    Mark having mixed up words in his mind listening to Taylor.
    Bella gazing into Edwards eyes (of course he doesn't notice) not even touching her pasta. (her favorite)
    "And I love gummy bears! Only the green ones though." Taylor said happily
    In Marks mind: And I love gummy bears! Only the yellow ones though.
    "And I hate the movie Watchmen and I hate yellow gummy bears, and I hate non-butter popcorn." said Taylor
    In Edwards note book:

    Taylor's Fav:
    Green Gummy bears exclaim
    A Walk To Remember stare
    Twilight exclaim
    ......................................... Key: exclaim means me too stare means sorta
    "Hey Edward watch writing in there? heart " Taylor said as she leaned over
    "Nothing redface " said Edward close the notebook
    "sure okay" said Taylor sarcasticly
    "Yup nothing" said Edward can't help but smile biggrin
    "I am having a sleepover this weekend you guys wanna come?" said Bella
    "Sure" said Everyone at the table (Edward,Taylor,Mark,Carter)
    "it's tomorrow on Friday" said Bella passing out everyone a invitation
    The next day after school....
    In Marks head: Okay gotta bring yellow gummy bears, watchmen, and non-butter popcorn.
    In Edwards head: Gotta bring green gummy bears, A walk to remember and butter popcorn.
    In Carters head: okay going to bring laser gun poopy gum and fake shocking phone.
    At Bella's house.........
    MOVIE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd
    " I brought A walk to remember" Edward said to Mark
    "Pshh she HATES that movie she loves watchmen like me." said Mark
    "Okay sure" laughed Edward
    "You brought watchmen Mark?" said Taylor in a sad shallow voice
    "Heck yeah!" said Mark and pretends not to notice her sad face: crying
    "Taylor?" said Edward in his sweet worried voice
    "yeah?" said Taylor slightly smiling.
    "I brought it" said Edward smiling holding a walk to remember.
    Taylor's face: crying cry sad smile
    "That's it the smile smile " said Edward feeling proud
    After they watched that....
    Carter and Edward rufused to let Taylor cry on their shoulder. Only Mark let.
    Mark and Carter rufused to let Taylor know their true feelings about the movie. Only Edward pled it out.
    2 years later Taylor's parents had passed away and her and her 2 brothers turned to Edward who's dad died when he was 6. Edward had changed and was willing to give Taylor and her 2 brothers a shoulder, leg, and another leg to cry on.
    Carter and Bella went out for a year and got into a fight. Carter made Bella have stiches on her leg. Taylor no longer talks to Carter. Taylor had three guys and she chose one. That one was Edward. The one always there for her. Edward and Taylor moved to Californa and so did Mark with his new girlfriend Jane. Mark was of course trying to make Taylor jealous and it wasn't working.
    But then one strange day at their Californa high school. A guy name Paul came and Her she goes again Taylor started crushing.....................