• In your warm embrace
    It’s like winter doesn’t exist
    There is nothing I can’t face
    Oh how we kissed.

    Chapter one: Sometimes Mr. Perfect Just isn’t Perfect

    I didn’t close my eyes as he kissed me. I wanted to remember every bit of the kiss, even what was around us. The sun was shining so bright up in the sky above. The grass greener then ever and his hands, on my neck made sweat pool a bit at that spot but I hadn’t cared. The weather was warm and a breeze blew by. My insides were on fire, and my cheeks were painted tomato red. Everything in love is a gamble but it’s so worth it. From kisses like this, to just holding hands walking in the park or talking on the phone till midnight. The problem is just as fast as you fall, and all the good things come the bad follow. I was the happiest girl alive because Trinity was my boyfriend. Yup I was dating the prince of the whole world and he had asked me. Plus he was one of the hottest guys like ever. His white blonde hair was cut short and always looked spiked yet he never wore gel. The short hair was great because it emphasized his perfectly sculpted chin and cheekbones. His eyes were coal black making him look like he had no pupils but there was a ring of jade surrounding the pupils if you looked close enough. Trinity was so good to me, till I found out why he actually dated me. A stupid dare with his older sister to see if he could last a month with the court klutz. That’s all I was known for, falling on my face it wasn’t fair. I shouldn’t have even been compared to the rest of the castle’s inhabitants. They were all royal magical beings, I was a pitiful human who had accidentally found the castle. My entire life was an accident, or so I had thought. Anyway, Trinity lost the bet and broke up with me before the month ended. I remember that clear as day better than the kiss even. I had been sitting on the balcony trying and failing to sew the design of a bird. I had been working on the napkin for Trinity. He didn’t even come tell me himself. He sent his older brother Amarandos.
    “Hey Cosmalia, I need to tell you something.” I turned and looked up surprised because one no one, and I mean no one in the castle ever called me my name I hadn’t even known they knew it. If that wasn’t shocking enough that fact that me and Amarandos were talking civilly was weird. We hated each other and the whole castle knew it. Though Amarandos was just as striking as Trinity. Amarandos eyes were pure caramel colored gems. His hair was an inky black and went to a spot just between his chin and shoulders. His lips looked soft, luscious, and a pinkish red. His skin contrasted drastically from Trinity’s who was pale as a dove, but then again anyone’s skin contrasted his. Amarandos was perfectly tanned like the sun itself had blessed him or kissed or something along those lines. I always felt so inadequate when I looked at the other inhabitants of the castle.