• I stepped through the doors of the skate-night building and went to the counter and picked out skates. I sat down on a chair and put the skates on, "Hi izzy." A voice called behind me and I looked back, it was Jared. I smiled lightly and waved at him, "come sit by me." I called back and he walked over. "Its a nice night out, huh?" I nodded and continued to put my skates on. Jared shifted in his seat and blushed, "Uh, hey, Isabel, I was wonderinf if you would want to-" he cut off as Tabby rushed over too me, "Oh my God! Isabel you have to listen to this!" her voice faded away as I kept my eyes on Jared, slowly he walked off and I whimpered quietly. "Izzy? Hello? Are you listening to me?' I nodded my head, but I still kept my eyes on Jared as he walked away, "Then what did I just say?" Tabby was stubborn.
    I shook my head and sat up; skating away from her.
    I was about to aproach him when the DJ told EVERYONE to to the hokey-pokey. I moaned and started doing the hokey-pokey and slowly, my chance to ask Jared out faded away.

    But if I get comments, I will continue to make this story, (This story really did happen... to me!) This story is made for Jared2017! heart