• "Why didn't you want Natalie to bring in the Rig?" I asked as I tried to unhook my third empty clip. I was getting the hang of this. I think.
    Gray finished off the last of his ammo, swore, and put the gun down, taking up another. He went through as much ammo as a fat kid went through candy in a day. "That would just be more troublesome. If their tanks got hold of the Rig, it would be hell of a job to patch it up."
    The pain in my leg had begin to dull, but mostly I think through blood loss. Gray had not noticed my uneven movements yet, and I hoped he wouldn't. I could fix myself up when I got back to base.
    A bullet whizzed by, knocking the gun out of my hand. It flew back, and landed too far away. I moaned. "Ah, nuts..."
    Not only had it landed far away, it landed in the enemy lines. Gray laughed. I felt myself being lifted off the ground. "Might as well go get it back, kid!"
    "Wha- Oh my gawd!!"
    Gray had thrown me into the enemy ranks. Thankfully, they had been just surprised as I had been, and had stopped firing. I quickly maneuvered myself, and landed on my feet, a soldier acting as a cushion. I hopped off, doing a back flip, and landed neatly. A small ring had formed around me. Thankfully, I had been carrying a metal pole on my back. It was mostly for the flag which Natalie carried in the Rig, but hey, what else did I have? Taking it off my back, I began attacking, dodging, and blocking.
    After a few minutes, the soldiers remembered they were carrying guns, and began firing at me. Most of the bullets just grazed my clothes, but one got m shoulder. I winced and dropped the pole, grabbing my shoulder. One soldier began walking up to me. "We've captured one of the rebels!"
    Captured? I thought. In your dreams.
    With one swift movement, I had kicked (with my bad leg, sadly) and nailed the soldier in the chin, sending him flying backwards, but not before I heard the disgusting crack of bone.
    Finally, I spotted my gun and ran up to it, grabbing it, and running back to Gray. I basically jumped over the sandbags to take cover. I gave him an angry glare. He laughed. "C'mon, kid, don't be so serious!"
    "Yeah.... serious...."
    My arm hurt, and my leg had begun bleeding again. Gray, this time, noticed. 'Hey-- when did this happen?"
    "The arm? Just now, doi. And you should be happy that's all. And the leg? I was clumsy and got shot."
    "... I'll call a med-vac."
    "No! No. I'm good."
    Gray looked at me worriedly. He was like a worried father. It made my heart ache. But, instead, he simply looked back at what he was firing at. "Think you can take out those tanks?"
    "Sure. Where're the rocke-- oh!"
    I quickly picked up a rocket and a launcher. They were heavy, and hurt my shoulder. I quickly loaded, turned, aimed and fired.
    The sheer force of the recoil sent me on my back, and knocked the air out of me. But, the hollow explosion of a tank was like music to my ears.
    "Keep those coming, Kye. There's eight more."
    "Eight...?" I moaned quietly as I stood and grabbed more rounds.