• Annie: Annie is a gifted girl of art mostly she does households, inside and out. Her Art teacher gave her a once in a life time chance to go to a small town in Romania. Unfortunetly there had to be someone to go with her over the summer. Even worse nobody wanted to spend 3 months in a different country. Except Bennet.

    Demetre: He I cannot reviel much about because I tell in a far off chapter in my mind. But he appears to be a 12 year old boy, who knows a lot of what goes on in the village and the castle. ______gotta read to find out more!

    Bennet: Annie thinks this boy as a nusiance, a moutain that always moved in her path, a obsticle that refused to be beat. He has a very protectivness over annie, like an older brother. [that'll show more in later chapters].

    There will be other characters but since Im not there yet they wont be spoiled.
    I'll make another of them, if ppl ask for it.