• category: shounen
    romance, tragedy, action, mystery, supernatural, adventure, drama

    mythologies: norse, greek/roman, christian, chinese, japanese, egyptian, buddhist

    Mystia the world of wonder and fantasy where the impossible is possible being slain is a temporary state and the world is ruled by an imperial order. Lives in mystia are not determined by one’s birth and life is a big adventure.

    17 year Vahn is being trained to be a monk. On a regular day, everything that can go wrong goes wrong, as his village is completely destroyed by a mysterious character wearing a black cloak. His father and mother die, and as he turns around in shock to his brother he nowhere to be found. His sister disappeared without a trace, honoring his parent's last wish he then takes up a quest to find them. On top of all that his best friend and fiancé are presumed dead. Having lost everything Vahn wanders mystia trying to sort out his emotions and take revenge for the person destroyed everything he had. Vahn then suddenly finds himself in a world of angels, gods, devils, demons and has to right a wrong committed before the beginning of time

    more information behind the story

    In the beginning the goddess made heaven hell and mystia and the many other planets with the first sacred seed and the sacred jeweled halberd. From the sacred seed the tree Yggdrasil was born which supported all the other planets. The goddess created the angels to worship her and she created another god of lower rank than her of water and another of fire named Lucifer when he was born this god he burned the goddess out of rage the other god took the halberd and cut the other god the goddess punished the god of water and fire. Out of anger the god of fire plotted against the goddess and tried to over throw her and when he came close the god of water took the halberd once more and pierced his heart then cut him into six parts his heart then become one with the halberd and turned into a jewel. The goddess then resolved to put him away without killing him created hell where she was able to seal him behind a crescent eclipse in the dark gate dimension (thus the name Crescent Eclipse). And she banished all the angels who followed him. The god of water was then banished to mystia for attacking his brother. On mystia he traveled the lands for an eternity he then later met and Egyptian queen who was known throughout the land as the divine queen of healing light the two fell in love and when heaven caught on the demanded that for breaking the ancient law that goddess established never to entangle with mortals the goddess saw nothing sinful about the relationship but the angels demanded a punishment so it was excepted, they would reincarnated for all of eternity the fell sad but he convinced her he was ok with it before the two where sentenced they had a child this child started the clan what was known as the Irouka clan

    Millennium later in heaven another god by the name of leviathan (the snake was convicted of a crime that he claims he did not do that his lover did the goddess inu-reimi (the dog). He found guiltily was placed in a separate sector of hell. His power rage and sadness grew watching from hell the suffering of billions as he heard them cry out . He gained control over a god daitaos and used him to rebel against the goddess, which started the god's war Ragnarok which ended in two of the three arch gods sealing themselves in their weapons the god of birth and death. The God of death's power was not completely sealed away. Taking the maiden of time and the daughter of the goddess Isa to a safe place the third god fled to mystia, and was separated from the maiden the god and the maiden reincarnate in other bodies to try to find one another. Foreseeing a great tragic the death and destruction of mystia (because the god of death was not completely sealed without the god of birth to balance out life and death people died and no lives were replaced) she created two replacement gods for the future, two demigods and hid herself from the universe to sustain the force life and birth till the demigods could be born (vahn and jade). If not Leviathan would complete his plan, setting himself free and becoming supreme god. The balance was equaled out.