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    About one hundred fifty years in the future, lightspeed travel was achieved. Humanity spread out all over different star systems. It was discovered how to keep aging at the same rate, even at lightspeed. There were nearly one trillion people in the galaxy, because people in colonies had many children. Humans were spread out over three hundred planets, eight thousand moons, and almost a million space stations. Humanity had finally achieved peace. Crime had become rare, except for major cities and colonies. There was no poverty. People lived in harmony. The perfect life. Then, the epidemic came. It knocked out a whole colony in a week. In a month, fifty million were dead. Scientists were racing against time to create a vaccine. They finally created the AED (Anti-Epidemic-Drug) It was mass produced, and everyone got a vaccination. The galaxy returned to how it was, and for three years, there was nothing except slight fear of the epidemic, but that faded too. Then, the epidemic came back. In the course of three hours, thousands galaxywide were pouring into hospitals. People were dying and coming in faster than was countable. Fifteen minutes after the first death, the man came back to life. He attacked every living person. He spread the disease, and it was happening everywhere. Reports were flowing in. The government was in shambles. In four days, 95% of the galaxy population was dead, undead, or infected. About a year later, the disease is no longer infectious, but the survivors are battling to survive. A new planet was found. It was their only hope. They had to survive and make it to the new planet, or die trying. The new planet was a beautiful lush world, with oceans, continents, and a primitive species almost precisely like the humans. The planet was called Earth.

    Agarn ran through the empty city streets. His pistol bounced lightly at his side with every step. The groaning was getting closer. He was only three blocks away from the outpost. The outpost was a public park that was barricaded heavily on all streets. There were no easy ways to get into the outpost. He ran over a dead body. He stopped. Agarn looked back. "Poor guy." He thought. Agarn noticed a glint of metal. He stooped over to pick it up. It was a shotgun! He loaded it, grabbed the packages of shells on the body, and kept on running. The groaning was closer and closer. He just saw the floodlights of the outpost. He was a block from the preliminary barricades. Then, something dark and human shaped dashed out of a building. He aimed and fired. He leapt over the body of the zombie. He reloaded while running. It was a well practiced skill, especially when you spend your days running from the undead. He sprinted to a half a block away. He stopped, and almost tripped over an abandoned sports bike. He saw some zombies wee heading for the preliminaries. The zombies stopped, turned, and saw him, easy prey. One gave out a yowl of what sounded like horrible pain. It was actually the zombie's call to tell other's that there was food. They began walking in his direction. He heard groaning to his left and right. He looked backwards to see hundreds more. He looked around. He was surrounded by undead, swarming towards him. Agarn searched the area for a chance, for anything to protect him or get him out of there. He ran over to the sports bike. He knew how to hotwire it from the Interweb. The engine revved to life, and he lifted it up. He got on, and looked at the fuel gauge. There was only enough battery juice to have it run for about an hour. He put the shotgun out front, and opened the throttle. He flew towards the zombies from the preliminaries at over 100 miles per hour. He smashed into a mob of reaching arms, blood, and shotgun shells. Agarn kept on pumping the shotgun on the handlebar by pulling it backwards. The shotgun had a twelve round capacity, and he had it fully loaded. He finally broke through and sped towards the preliminaries. As he slowed down, expecting to see survivors on duty, he saw a tear in the sandbag and cement wall. There was a disembodied hand lying on the ground.
    "Oh crap" Agarn thought. He hopped off the bike, leaving it resting on the kickstand. The zombie mob was long behind him, because the blocks in this district were huge. He walked behind the preliminaries, only to see carnage. The survivors never stood a chance. There were probably thousands. He had only dealt with a few that were heading the direction of the outpost. They were ones who had to be attracted by the feeding call, and the only place between the preliminaries and the outpost was a twenty foot fence, guard towers, and rubble gathered from destroyed buildings or raided from stores. The only thing that anyone could get through was the gate, and there were no zombies at the gate, as far as Agarn could tell. He realized what must have happened, and ran back to the bike. He opened the throttle again, and flew towards the outpost. As he approached, he saw bodies and the gate smashed to pieces all over the ground. He heard screams of agony and fear mixed with groans of zombies flying over the fence.
    "Oh great. Just what I need." Agarn mumbled. He ditched the bike and ran through the gate. They were everywhere. They were attacking buildings, killing survivors, chasing people everywhere. He stared at the scene before him. Then, a group of them saw him, and sprinted towards him.
    "I hate this. I just HATE this!" Agarn shouted. He ran up to the rubble, and climbed up onto an van and kept climbing. He turned around and shot the zombies that were chasing him. He had attracted more attention. They were crawling onto the van. Agarn kept shooting them until he had no more shotgun shells. He pulled out his pistol and began firing. There were too many. He ran out of ammo for his pistol. He looked wildly for something to use as a weapon. There was a snapped in half two by four. He picked it up, bunching his muscles. He was surprised by how light it was. He started smashing back zombies, and he was holding them off for a bit. Then, one jumped out of the crowd and and bashed the two by four out of his hands on the backswing. He fell over, and the zombies approached him. He thought he was going to die, then he realized there was no more gunfire in the backround.