• Chapter 1.

    Reveling The Truth

    One day after school I came home and went to go pick up my sister from school.
    “How was school Lillian?” I asked.
    “I though I told you to call me Lilly” she replied. “It was fine” she said with a scared look on her face.
    “What happened?” I asked. If one thing was sure it took a lot to freak out Lilly.
    “Nothing” she replied.
    “Something’s bothering you” I said.
    “Just stay out of it!!” she yelled.
    “Fine” I muttered.
    It was a long walk home that day. Something was up I could feel I could feel it. I kept looking down at Lilly. Lilly kept a stern look on her face and stared at the ground. I knew one thing for sure and that was that Lilly wasn’t going to tell me and I wasn’t going to give in.

    “Katlian!!” my mother yelled. “I got to go back to work keep an eye on Lilly”
    “Fine but you owe me. I was going to go out and hang with Jeanette.” I replied.
    “Hhhhhhh” I heard me mom shudder. She hates Jeanette she says “she is to dark” “but so am I” would always reply.
    “Lilly come here please” I called when the door slammed.
    “I’m not telling you” she said.
    “Then go to your room!” I yelled.
    “Fine” she yelled back then stomped off to her room.
    I heard the door slam. I turned on the T.V. I started watching Twilight. About thirty minutes in to the movie.
    “Ahhhhhhhhhh” I heard Lilly scream. I got up and ran to her room. what I saw will never leave my memory. Lilly was lying on her bed she had a man leaning over her with his teeth in her neck. There was a man standing over her. He had blood around his mouth. He growled at me. He ran at fool speed at me I dodged him and shouted.
    “Sun Shine Bright!” I had no idea were it came from but it helped I began to glow like the Sun. I heard his ear piercing scream. I opened my ayes and saw him burning. What did I do I thought worriedly. He turned to dust right in front of me.
    I decided I wouldn’t tell my mother. I grabbed the vacuum. I started to clean up the dust.
    “How did you do that?” Lilly asked. Her voice was all shaky like.
    “I don’t know” I replied “But you will not tell mom ok?”
    “Ok” she said her voice still shaky.
    “Now what happened at school today” I asked.
    She went on about how these boys were fallowing her and talking about going for her. They said that her scent was nothing they ever smelled before. They also started talking about me, they said “How are we supposed to get past the Sage?” they asked.
    Later that night I sat down and googled the Sage. I found this one sight that explained everything!!! Why I was such a dark person, that I was a gifted person: I could summon the sun, control the four elements, I could lift objects with my mind, and light my whole body on fire and no harm would come to me. This is so cool I thought.
    How do I learn how to do everything I mean the sun thing just came to me? I decided I would just learn it all later and went to bed.
    I lay awake. Thinking. What my mom told me was lies I thought. It was always “nothings wrong with you.” yeah right.