• I sighed. Here I was, in a fancy restaurant, stood up again. Just how many times had I been stood up in my entire life? About every date that I had ever asked a girl out on. I hadn't been rude or anything, at least, I tried not to. I tried to be polite and understanding. I tried to be nice. But despite that, I always got stood up!
    It was unfair. I mean, I knew I wasn't the most attractive guy in the world, but surely an average looking guy like me could get a date that didn't stand them up.
    I soon left, fairly disappointed, and of course angry at being stood up. But you wanna know what I saw on my way out of that restaurant? My would-be date with some other guy. She was laughing and giggling. My teeth clenched. Of course I was pissed off. But I wasn't going to make a scene in public. I wasn't one to make a scene period.
    It was a cold, winter night. Even with my bulky winter coat I was freezing. But even the bitter cold winds of snow could cool my anger. This was probably the hundredth time this had happened to me.
    I soon found my car and fumbled with my keys. They fell to the ground and I went to pick them up.
    "Now that I think about it, I am officially done with dating anyone. I don't care how beautiful the next girl I see is, I do not want to be stood up again." I whispered as I unlocked the car door.
    As I opened the door, I heard some people arguing. One sounded female. Being the natural snoop that I was, I eavesdropped.
    "Please gentlemen, I am tired and do not wish to spend much more time away from home." the woman said.
    "Why don't you just come home with us? You won't be tired for long." one of the three men replied with a chuckle.
    I rolled my eyes. Did they really think they would impress a girl like that? Of course, what did I know? I always got stood up. I didn't know what women wanted.
    "No thank you. Your appearances are much too poor and disfigured for my taste. I'm afraid I would be sick if I even tried." the woman replied.
    I couldn't help but snicker at the woman's cleverness. But my small laughter was interrupted when a hand firmly grasped my arm.
    "Besides, I'd much rather prefer this gentleman right here." the woman's voice said. It was now right by me. My face flushed.
    I had not intended for this to happen.
    Looking at her, she was very beautiful. She had long, curled, honey colored hair that flowed down to her waist and a sun-kissed complexion. Her eyelashes were long and her eyes were a beautiful sky blue. Her body was well-curved and an hourglass figure. (Not that I was ogling of course, but I just noticed it). She wore a beautiful rose red dress that was rather form-fitting on her. And her expression was proud yet teasing.
    I tried to hide a blush as I stared at her. The men scowled and left. I gulped. Somehow, just meeting a beautiful woman because she was using me as a scapegoat to get away from some annoying men wasn't in my plans for the night.