• ‘Here I am again…Doing the devil’s work …Killing the innocent.’ I thought to my self, bolting through the forest, my fours pounding on the wet muddy ground, it just stopped raining. As sweat dripped from my face, on to my bare feet, I phased into the beast of the night. Feeling the hot, agonizing, breeze of air brush through my thick, burnt sandy fur. My claws emerging from my, now phased paws. A snout now grew, two teeth sharpened, as they grew long as well. I was what humans called “A Werewolf.” But I did not choose this way, the devil cursed me, and now I am serving my new master, by making Civilization fear again, and trying to get rid of faith and Christianity.

    I finally reached the end of the forest, making a handful of branches snap, as I leaped from the moist forest. My eye’s now dark on the modern town, the moon shining in my face, giving me extra strength. I tried to fight the erg but darkness was stronger then I.

    As I went on the ruthless blood shedding murder spree. Men, women, and even small children’s screams made me even stronger; I craved for more blood this time…In a short amount of time, half of the town’s population was wiped out.

    Once I was satisfied, my burnt sandy fur, sunk back in to me, now reveling human skin. I was back on two feet now. Again, another hot breeze blew through the city, feeling the wind hit my naked skin, it made me sweat one more drop. I pushed away my thick bangs out of my face, walking over to a ripped open young boy. I placed two fingers in his blood puddle, writing a note write next to him, in big saying “Satan was here.”

    I then walked away from the town, the survivors probably still hiding some where, I was told not to kill every one in the town. I carried on to the next town, to accomplish my master’s next wish. I looked behind me, seeing a man in a tux, smile at me “Good job.” He said to me, winking then vanishing into red flames. I turned, walking at a slow pace, looking down at the raggady Concrete "Just another town..." I muttered.