• "For several years, there are rumors about a lone teenager wandering the endless desert in search of the truth behind the prophets. For whatever reasons why this teenager searches for the myth of a children’s tale; we are highly unsure of. But, what we do know is that if the myths about the revival of our planet were in fact true, then, he would be the first to uncover it. For more news about the young wanderer, stay tune tomorrow’s edition when more information been obtained. Next, we have reports that kidnapping has skyrocketed since last year and no evidence leading to the identity of the kidnappers has been found."

    “Son of bitches. Everyone knows that the kidnappers are the Seeker Corporation,” a drunken middle-aged man, sitting at a table in a saloon, yelled at the television. The man had straight shoulder-length dark grey hair that completely hid his angered face and a rugged beard. He finished drinking a glass of hard-liquor and irritably threw it at the television, shattering upon impact. Everyone in the saloon from big to small as women and even the men went deathly silent at the mere mention of the Seeker Corporation. They were also full aware that he was right, but they were too cowardly to do anything.

    Without a second later, the door to the crowded saloon opened as a group of people slowly entered, and stopped once they were all in. Each of them ranged in different sizes and all of them wore identical uniforms indicating that they were from the corporation. The biggest one in the front eyed the saloon and everyone immediately avoided his gaze, trying to escape his piercing glances. He made a sinister smirk as his eyes finally rested at the sight of the drunken middle-aged man that threw the glass at the television. He tilted his head toward the man signaling his men to head towards the man as everyone in the way immediately got up and out of the way.

    “Pathetic, “ the drunken man barked at the rushed of movements, finishing another glass of liquor, and stood up. “Do you think you can scare me that easily? I lived in fear for the last time!” he spat, grabbing an end of a bottle and smashed the end against the table’s edge, raising it high above. He charged the group of men with the broken glass bottle high above his high and finally swung it down towards the first person. BANG! The glass immediately shattered before touching the man, leaving his victim unharmed as he then sucker punch the drunken man and the strength knocked the drunk onto the ground. After that, the group of men gathered around the drunk on the floor and started beat him with everything they got.

    “Anybody else wants to treason against the corporation,” the leader yelled as his voice echoed throughout the silent saloon. The group of men continued to beat the helpless man on the ground as they grabbed nearby chairs and swung them at the man, breaking on impact by the force.

    Unexpectedly, a hand tapped the shoulders of one of the attacker, and as he subconsciously looked back, a fist collided into his face. The force of the hit threw the man across the saloon and crashing through the wall on the other side of the room. Everyone, including the group of men and their leader, turned to see who had stupidly revolted against the corporation. They spotted a figure in a brown hooded-cloak that covered its body and the huge hood completely shadowing the face. The figure stood half the height than most of the men in the saloon and also half the size—almost liked a teen.

    “You made the greatest mistake of your life. Get him boys and don’t show any mercy!” the leader commanded his group.

    “It is you who made the greatest mistake for meeting me here,” a young voice whispered calmly under the hood. One of the Seekers quickly rushed up to the young figure and swung his fist towards him, but the cloak figure sidestep out of the way, dodging the fist. As soon the fist missed its target and the attacker kept charging, the cloak figure stuck his right leg out in the way. The man tripped over the leg as the young figure placed his hand on the back of the man’s neck and effortlessly forced him flat on the ground. “I highly suggest that everyone here should leave or get in the way,” the voice from the hook spoke quietly as it was still audible in the silent saloon. With that said, everyone left as quickly as they could without causing a scene and left the young cloak figure and the group of men alone.

    “I want this twerp dead you hear! I want his body be torn to pieces and never be whole again!” the leader angrily yelled, pointing to the young figure.

    Six of them charged the young cloak figure with bats and chains in their hands and tried to surround him with no where to go. The figure got into an unknown fighting stance as they all rushed towards him at once to overwhelm him with their six to one unfair advantage. Right before anything could happen, they unexpectedly heard a slight chuckle coming from the hooded figure as he suddenly vanish out of sight. They all stopped, each of them giving a confuse look at each other but suddenly one of them dived forward and got face planted into the ground. The figure seemed to have mysterious came from above and landed on one of their heads, diving him into the ground head first.


    The surprised attack caused them to stupidly drop their guard as the cloak figure suddenly disappeared, and reappeared, doing a spinning round house kick to another. The force sent the man flying back as the cloaked figure came down from his attack and the four left standing tried to gang up on him. The mysterious figure lunged forward, blocking the guy’s attack and then counter with two quick punches to the guy’s chest. He step back as he immediately bent down narrowly dodged a sneak attack and did a low sweep kick that knocked the guy that was coming up from behind. He quickly followed up with a flash kick that kicked the guy in the head, knocking him back as he flipped over the last guy. Once the figure was above, he grabbed the guy’s head, spinning him around, and once he came back down, he slammed the guy into the ground.

    “Who the ******** is this guy? I want everyone to kill the b*****d!” the leader yelled at the top of his lungs and more people rushed into the saloon as they immediately surround the lone figure.

    G. A. O.
    Gigas Alpha Omega


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    The Wanderer

    “Did you heard of the guy that took on the Seekers the other day?” a guy nervously told another guy that was sitting across the table.

    “I heard about that,” the other guy responded cautiously, “He must be freaking crazy and strong if he took down a whole squad.”

    The cloak figure chuckled at the reinforcement, as no matter how many they were it still wouldn’t be enough to take him down. Several guys rushed at him as he immediately reacted by rushing toward the one in front of him and did a jump kick. He planted his foot on the guy’s face as he quickly pushed off, going backward as he turned around by the force and did a roundhouse kick to another. Once he landed, he grabbed the fist that was coming at him from the side and did a thrust kick into the guy’s ribs, causing him to slide back and fall down unconscious. At that precise moment, more people came as the mysterious figure did a spinning heel roundhouse kick that hit two people that was coming from behind.

    With five down, more still came as the mysterious cloak figure was still getting surrounded and none of them knew whom they were messing with. He got down in a low fighting stance, as several charged him at once and he quietly smirked underneath his hood. He did a quick side snap kick to the right followed up with a back thrust kick, and then quickly stepped to the left to do a crescent roundhouse kick with his right leg. His attacks all flowed smoothly from one action to the next as more people came at him thinking that they could tire him down in some way by sending more at him. The mysterious figure did half moon kick to the guy in front of him and turned around doing couple punches to another guy’s chest.

    “He must be the one who was stopping the Seeker Corporation that are trying to get the Lost Item from us,” the first guy shouted to his friend.

    “Keep down man. Do you remember how it started in the first place? A person bad talked about the Seekers and they appeared. I don’t feel comfortable talking about this right now.”

    “Are you serious? They won’t be coming here again if they want a repeat a** kicking.”

    “It’s only one person. Take him down now!” the leader barked.

    The mysterious cloak figured had to chuckle once again at that comment as he wasn’t just any ordinary person that they could easily take down. Once again, they rushed at him thinking they would stand a chance but the lone figure had other plans then losing to these bunch of weaklings. He jumped forward, quickly soaring through the air as he kicked the person in front of him down and landed on top him as the body slid back. He started attacking with quick punches and kicks while the guy he was standing on kept sliding across the saloon. As soon he was about to collide into a wall, he quickly kicked the way to push him back as the force shot him the other way. At this point, the group of men pulled out their guns and started shooting at the cloak figure but he kicked down causing the body to spin rapidly.

    They kept shooting at him as he slid across the floor with the body, bending down to become a small target but know that some bullets would hit him. He immediately swung his arms to the sides in a snapping motion as two swords unexpectedly launched from his sleeves and into his hands. His arms moved in a blur as the blades of his swords were deflecting every bullet that came towards him that he couldn’t dodge. Soon, he came to the other end of the saloon and kicked off the wall now heading towards the group of men that were still shooting at him. He continued to deflect the bullets with his swords as he reached them almost instantly and started slashing at their guns. He was about to hit the wall sooner than before as he jumped off and flipped in the air, landing back in the center.

    “Did you also know that he took them all down with two swords?” the first guy laughed at the thought of a huge squad that got beat by only two swords. “The best part was that they were using guns!”

    “Holy s**t. I heard about that. They were using guns and the guy used his swords to deflect the bullets. That s**t is just plain crazy!”

    The ones that were still standing lined up side by side as they only had the mysterious fighter in their line of fire so they wouldn’t accidentally shoot each other. As if by cue, they started shooting at the lone figure but he accurately moved his swords to deflect the bullets back to the guns. Not even a couple seconds later that they all stopped firing as they quickly dropped their guns from their own bullets striking their weapons. The two swords from the mysterious cloak figured quickly went inside the cloak’s sleeves as his weapons served their purpose. They were afraid of this mysterious person but they had no choice but to do what they were told or they were the ones who were going to die.

    “C’mon, bring it!” the shrouded figure called out.

    “What are you waiting for? Get him!” the bulky leader commanded his squad.

    They were too scared to defy their leader as they looked at each other and finally decided to charge the mysterious cloaked figure. Immediately, delaying this no longer, the cloaked figure vanished quickly by his bizarre speed and reached the group in a split second. Catching them by surprise, he immediately punched the guy in front of him followed up by a powerful kick to the sides and then did a full-spin roundhouse kick. Several people went down by his no-hold-back tactics as he started chaining one attack into another by each movement he made was directed to hit somebody. At the end, only the leader was left standing but the cloaked figure could see the fear in his eyes.

    “What are you guys doing,” the leader growled at his squad as they picked themselves up and rushed out of the saloon. Seeing that everyone was leaving he narrowed his eyes in complete angered and turned around also retreating. “I’ll be back, but till then, enjoy your little victory cause it will be your last,” the leader called out before exiting.

    “The Seekers are coming! The Seekers are coming! Run for you life!” a man yelled as soon he burst inside the once noisy saloon.

    Every one stopped at what they were doing and just stared uncaring at the lunatic that just came inside. As he was being coldly started at, only one wasn’t paying attention as he was sitting at the bar with his head slightly titled down. This person wore a familiar brown hooded-cloak that covered his entire body and the hood was resting comfy against his upper back. He had messy dark blue hair that spiked in different direction and long bangs coming down his forward almost covering his eyes. A black eye-patch was placed over his left eye and his right deep icy ocean-blue eye was starring ahead of him at the many liquor bottles. He had a blank expression as he continued to drink some wine that he just gotten and was slightly daydreaming, trying his hardest to not be bothered.

    “Why is everyone looking at me like that? Please listen to me and get the ******** out of here while you still got the chance! They want to take revenge and they are going to tear this town apart!” the guy screamed out loud, panicking like he seen hell’s gate and came back to tell the story.

    Not even waiting for an answered, he ran out and yelled at the top of his lungs to warn everyone in the small town. They could hear the wild screaming but the voice was long forgotten as the saloon went back to its usual noisy activities just like an other day. Beer glasses were still being poured and drank, as people were talking about bullshit to one another while some were gambling senseless. The young male at the counter was still in his daydream, and every once in a while he took a leisure sip of his light liquor. He paid no attention to what just happened as he was thinking how the hell he was going to get to the next city if he was drinking. He sighed at the thought, amusing himself, as he took more sips of his drink before going back into the recess of his own mind.

    “Do you think that the Seekers are coming back to take revenge at what happened to them the other day?” the second guy that was talking earlier asked his friend.

    “He did say he was coming back. I think he brought more reinforcements and this time he’s prepared for the guy,” the guy responded to his friend.

    “Yeah, I feel sorry for that person. I bet now that he probably regretted going against the corporation right now.”

    “I wouldn’t count on it buddy. He did take down a whole squad by himself. I wouldn’t be surprise if he kicked the reinforcement a** too.”

    “I guess you’re right. If he did fight an entire squad of Seekers the other day and lost now then it must be a fluke he won last time.”

    “I hear ya.”

    The blue haired stranger at the counter had just finished his second glass of light liquor and decided to get up. He hesitantly putted up his hood over his head, which completely shadowed his face and made it nearly impossible to see his young face now. He made his way through the saloon but he was little bit tipsy as he bumped into tables and people who then scowled at him from his clumsiness. Some of the people that were there and also the other day saw that he looked just like the cloaked figure before but denied it from his awkward actions. He finally made it out after angering half the people in the saloon and now headed towards the entrance of the town were people are fleeing from.

    In the distance, he saw several vehicles from the high and mighty organization racing towards him in the sands. Everyone employee from the corporation are just, normal people, who are getting paid just to find the Lost Item of the Ancients for their lazy president. The president wanted to gain ultimate control of the whole entire world so he became the most powerful person and used his influence to gain what he wanted. He was disgusted at that type of a person to gain ultimate power by abusing others to give him more power than he has already. He stopped in front of the entrance, glaring at the high-speed vehicles as they slowly came to complete stop once they see the lone figured.

    The lone figure stood there with the winds wildly blowing his loose cloak and caused it to flapped all over his body back and forth continuously. About six people emerged from the lead vehicle as they were ranging from different sizes and shapes and all wearing the same black uniform. They didn’t look familiar to him and guessed that these are different people from last time and was now trying to think what happened to them. He chuckled to himself by the thoughts of what might have happened to the leader of that huge squad from losing to only one person.

    “Who is this crazy b*****d?” one of the six said to the others.

    “Who does he think he is? Standing there like nothing is happening. I was hoping to get my fists some beating time,” another snarled.

    “Give me a break. This is only one guy and I thought we were going to get into a heated battle. This possibly can’t be right. You got the wrong town you ******** idiots,” the tallest one yelled at the five. “We might as well raid this town in the process and get to the town we were supposed to go.”

    “I don’t get it. This is the right one. I even marked it on the map before we left,” the shortest one whined, as the other five was smacking the back of his head

    “Let’s just deal with this ******** town so we can get down to business,” the forth one said bored.

    The six Seekers walked up to the mysterious hooded figure while the shortest one had a look of uncertainty on his face, as he was sure that this was the place they were order to go. The figure stood his ground as they came up to him and five of them encircle him as the leader stayed in the front. Then one of the five that was circling him came to the front and bend down to see underneath the hood but couldn’t get a decent view. He then back up as he now stood with his leader and whispered in his ear as they both started laughing at the noticeable height of the mysterious cloaked figure.

    “It’s a kid. Not a man,” the one who tired to look underneath the hood yelled to his fellow comrades.

    “I don’t care who he is. He is going to die right now for crossing against us,” the leader told them in irritated tone.

    “You want us do it for? It’s a waste of time for all of us to do it,” the one standing next to the leader asked.

    “All right but finished him quickly. I’ll be getting the rest of the guys to raid the town,” the tall guy told them as he then turned around and headed toward the vehicles.

    As their leader was walking away, the one that was standing in front of the cloaked kid closer to him and sighed. They were more than a foot difference and the guy was looking down pathetically at the young kid, showing some sort of sympathy but it quickly vanished. He then quickly took off the teenager’s hood so he could take a better look at the kid that was going to get his face pummeled and killed after their beating. The teenager’s spiky blue hair came into view and so did his black eye patch over his left eye as his right eye was closed in annoyance by being called a kid. The guy was smirking at the young kid but gradually lost his smile as his brain was slowly registering whom the teenager actually was.

    “I know who you are,” the guy quickly uttered under his breath and turned his head around, “Boss! He’s Ka…”

    The guy was suddenly cut off by the teenager grabbing the guy’s mouth and was waving his finger back and forth, but the boss was already turning. The teenager quickly kicked the guy’s leg, which caused him to collapse to his knees, and the teenager followed up with a backhand fist to the face. At the sudden attack, the four dashed toward the teenager from behind as he turned around seeing one of them was swinging a wide right hook. The teenager merely used his left hand to surprising grabbed the sloppy oncoming attack and used his strength to completely crush the hand. He then quickly followed up by thrusting his right arm upward and using the bottom of his palm to impact the guy’s chin

    The force of the palm hit caused the guy to fly off in the distance as the teenager did a quick duck to dodge another sloppy swing. Once he came back up, the guy throws yet another sloppy punch, but this time, the teenager grabbed the arm and lifted the guy in the air. The teenager swung the guy over his head into an arch to the other side and slammed him head first into the ground, which the collision caused the sand to blast upwards. The two that were left ran to the teenager and attacked him with wild and poor punches, which proved to him that they had no sense of coordination. The teenager quickly used his left hand to grab the right fist of the guy that was on the left and pulled him closer.

    The teenager twisted the guy’s arm while he yanked the guy towards him, and was now able to plant the guy’s arm against his lower back. Doing that in one smooth motion, he used the guy as leverage as he leaned into the guy he was holding and did a jump kick to the second guy. The kick launched the guy back as the teenager used the force he pushed off from the kick to the dive the first guy forward into the ground. As the guy collided against the ground, the teenager forced him off which violently shove the guy into the ground as he flipped back to his feet. The teenager stood still with only couple seconds gone by and the five were on the ground completely unconscious. The leader finally looked back and saw that all five of his guys were on the ground not even twitching.

    “What the ******** happened? Who the ******** is this guy?” he uttered under his breath as he walked backwards to the vehicles.

    The leader saw the teenager running towards him once he caught sight of him and left a trail of dust behind him as it shot upwards and slowly coming back down. Not even a fraction of a second later, the teenager had reach the leader as he was bending down and came up doing a powerful uppercut to the guy’s chin. The guy skyrocketed up in the sky by the force as the sand underneath him blasted upwards and followed pursuit. The teenager walked towards the direction of the convoy of trucks with all seven lined up perfectly like a column as the leader suddenly came crashing down on the hood of the truck in the front. He threw his arms to the side at an angle in which his two swords propelled out from his sleeves and into his hands. The swords surprisingly started to glow with pure energy and he pointed them both towards the line of the vehicles. The Seekers that were still in the trucks saw was happening and rushed to get out of the vehicles and ran for their life—including the fallen leader.

    “Quantum striker,” the teenager effortlessly uttered under his breath and his swords fried an energy blast that went through all seven trucks as a simple light.

    About couple seconds later, the teenager turned around and slowly headed back to town as a sudden flash eclipsed him from behind. The seven vehicles effortlessly exploded into oblivion making an enormous bang that echoed throughout the area, leaving no traces of the trucks. All forty Seekers saw the teenager’s extraordinary and frightening strength as they all started to scatter away, panicking and begging for their life. The teenager closed his eyes, exhaling harshly as he passed through the town and the citizens were watching him in awe as they were whispering to one another that he was the one. He then sighed as he was feeling the effects of the alcohol in his system and was getting nausea from quick movements he made earlier.

    “He’s the one that always on the news that looking for the Lost Item of the Ancients,” a guy said that was talking in the saloon to his friend.

    “Do you think that he is able to get it in time before those Seekers do?” the other guy asked, standing right next to the first guy.

    “Did you just saw what he just ******** did to those vehicles? With that kind of power he is unstoppable and may someday save us all.”

    “But he’s just a kid,” the other guy responded, as the teenager sighed irritably from hearing the word kid.

    “Age has nothing to do with destiny my good friend. Age has nothing to do with it.”

    An hour later, the police soon came from the distance and arrested all forty of the Seekers for disturbing the peace in a town-wide disturbance. They also couldn’t find the person who destroyed the vehicles and denied all information that whoever did it was only a kid (from afar, the teenager sighed). As the police were getting reports from different people, the teenager was standing on the rooftop of one of the building and surveyed the police action. Hours gone by and all the commotion began to die down as he walked to the other side of the roof and jumped down, walking away to the endless wasteland.


    The yellow sun was halfway down the horizon and set within minutes, causing nightfall to cast upon the once hot desert surface. The nightlife of the desert created fresh cool breezes through gracefully swept across the plain sandy fields of sand. The teenager walked several dials away from the previous town, which a dial is several miles in length. He approached a small oasis decorated with bushes and palm trees, as he stopped near a small running river that viewed the small hills toward horizon. He shivered under his cloak as he steadily sat down next to a tree and rock as he grabbed a nearby pebble. He flicked the rock towards the river and it skipped all the way across to the other end, creating small graceful ripples at each bounce. The bush off to the side started to stir and the teenager lazily looked at it uninterested.

    He retrieved a dagger hidden underneath his cloak and threw it towards the bush but it strike a palm tree, knocking a coconut down. The coconut quickly fell down landing on top of the busy and somebody gave a loud yelp of pain as the bush violently shook. A small young boy jumped out of the bush, using his small hands to quickly rub the top of his head where the coconut had hit him. The teenager gave a look at the kid that jumped out of the bush and sighed quietly to his self. The boy was a typical blonde hair blue eye person. His medium length messy blonde hair came down his head like it was once used as a rug and his eyes were big and wide. He wore black denim overall that only one strap was attached and it seemed couple sizes too big for him. Many straps came down from his waist and it fluttered all around his legs.

    “Oww,” he shouted at the teenager and angrily stared him down, “Who are you? Who sent you? How did you find me?” The boy waited for an answer from the teenager but only silence was shared between them. “You will never get my pendent!” The boy reached for the dagger that was stuck in the tree and tried to pull it out, but he wasn’t able to pull it out.

    “Man, what’s up with my luck these days?’ The teenager mumbled under his breath and stood up lazily, facing the kid.

    Within a minute, the boy finally pulled the dagger from the tree and turned around, seeing the cloak guy had stood up. He back up into the tree and held the dagger out, “I know how to fight! If you come any closer, I poke you with this thing!”

    “I don’t need this s**t right now,” the teenager mumbled again and held out his opened hand, “Give me my dagger back before you hurt yourself.”

    “Stay away from me Seeker Bounty Hunter!” the boy charged the teenager and thrust the dagger forward. The teenager yawned as he stepped aside and kept a leg stretched out. The boy completely missed his target and tripped over the teenager’s foot, letting the dagger fly through the air and colliding into the ground.

    “I’m no Seeker Bounty Hunter kid,” the teenager calmly said to the boy that was quickly getting back up and gotten into a fighting stance.

    “You’re lying! You’re trying to pretend that you’re not one of THEM and then steal my pendent when I’m not looking!” The boy yelled as he charged the teenager and began attacking him with everything he got. The teenager gave a blank expression towards the boy as he look down watching him pound on his chest. He then forcefully palmed the boy’s forehead which knocked him back into the ground.

    “You should really calm down before I end up doing something I probably regret later. But I doubt I’ll regret it, so you better take my advice and calm down.” The teenager glared at the boy with his only icy-blue eye.

    “Why should I calm down? You’re trying to take my pendent away!”

    “I’m getting really sick and tired of this. You kept talking about a pendent but I do not know what you’re talking about.”

    “You don’t know then? So you’re not here for my pendent?”

    “I see that you finally using your head,” the teenager replied irritated as he retrieved his dagger and slid it in place underneath his cloak.

    “Then who are you? How did you find me? Why are you even here?”

    “You ask way too many questions, but since I’m here already I’ll answer them for you. First of all, my name is Kaine and I didn’t know you were here and I thought you might be dinner or something when the bush moved. Lastly, I’m just a traveler, and while passing by, I decided to rest here for the night.”

    “You’re a traveler too?” the boy shouted excitedly, “I’m also a traveler but I been searching for someone.”

    “You’re a traveler?” Kaine gave an awkward glance at the kid, “You don’t look like a traveler.”

    “I just started traveling by myself. I was with my parents not that long ago and we were searching for someone. They wouldn’t tell me who we were searching but we needed to find him.” The boy sat down, having his legs bended close to his body and then had his arms wrap around them.

    “Why was your family searching for someone?”

    “We were being chased down by the Seekers and we needed his help,” the boy spoke in a low tone.

    “What happened to your parents?”

    The boy stayed silent and tears began trailing from his eyes and down his cheek. Kaine slowly turned around and was about to walk away to leave the kid but he heard a faint whisper. “The Seekers caught up with us in a nearby town not far from here. We thought they lost our track but they were expecting us and we got ambushed as soon we got into the city. My father tried to fend them off as my mother and I tried to escape but it was no use. Luckily, my mother hid me in a small dark niche in a building as she handed me her pendent and I then watched them die. They killed my family first and then my mother without hesitation. I was too scared to do anything. I couldn’t even scream. After I watch my family got murdered, I vowed that I’ll continue the search and find you even if it kills me. I sneak out of the town right before they burned it to the ground and made it here.”

    “I see,” the teenager quietly said and then turned around, “Why are you telling me this?”

    “I don’t know. I think I could trust you. Something about you makes me feel safe.”

    “You shouldn’t trust strangers.”

    “You’re different.”

    “I’m no different from anybody else.”

    “That’s not true. I think I know who you are.”

    “You know who I am?” Kaine asked amused.

    “You’re Kaine the savior of our world?”

    “I’m no savior.”

    “I heard about you and your journey. My family talked a lot about you. They admired you. They believed you would change the world.”

    “I doubt it. Who knows, I may be a Seeker Bounty Hunter trying to pretend to be nice to steal your pendent.”

    “Na, you’re too cool to be a Seeker Bounty Hunter. Besides, if you were a Seeker Bounty Hunter then you would be coldhearted and bloodlust type of a person.”

    “Maybe I am coldhearted and bloodlust kind of a person.”

    “I have a good sense of judgment. My mother taught me a lot while we were traveling together. Stupid Seekers, I hate them!”

    “So the Seekers had been after your pendent?”

    “Yeah, my dad and mom told me that the Seekers were looking for the pendent cause it was a key for something important.”

    “Can I see it?”

    The blond hair kid dug underneath the top of his white shirt and pulled out a golden pendent that he was wearing like a necklace. It shaped like golden star placed on a golden flat disc with a red, blue, brown, and yellow, and green diamond at the tip of the star points. In the center was a bigger white diamond that glowed in random colors from within despite the darkness. Kaine studied the pendent as the diamonds were getting reflected off his deep ocean blue eyes and it almost hypnotized him like it was calling for him. He flipped the pendent around and saw it had writing scripted on it and it looked like it was written by the Ancients long time ago.

    “This was the pendent that my mother given me before she died,” the kid began to whimper, remembering about his mother.

    “Don’t cry,” Kaine patted the boy’s head, giving him his pendent back and slouched against the base of the tree. He sat there, starring at all the stars in sky above them while the boy tried to stop crying. “What are you going to do next?”

    “I don’t know. I’m going to hide here until the Seekers go away,” the boy mumbled as he was falling asleep, “Then I’ll continue my search.”

    The boy curled as he fell asleep as Kaine watched him for a moment till he started having recollections of his past. He once knew a boy couple years younger than him but could hardly remember him clearly as it been years since he last the boy. With that thought in mind, Kaine slowly drifted into a deep sleep and began having the same dream of something calling out to him.

    The following day at the first light of the sun, Kaine was already standing up and looking at the sun rising above the western horizon. He titled his head down and looked at the boy holding the golden pendent against his chest like he was willing to protect it even at the cost of his own life. Kaine suddenly heard something or somebody moving around them in the thin fog caused by the river in the mourning. Kaine’s two Quantum Swords slid out of his sleeves at will and he grabbed the hilts in each of his hands, as he knelt down near the boy. They must be after the boy or the pendent if they are already here, Kaine thought to himself looking at the boy.

    “Is it dawn already?” the kid asked tired, while getting up and rubbing his eyes.

    “Stay down,” Kaine whispered loudly for the kid to understand the situation as Kaine pushed him back down.

    “They’re here already! Did you bring them here!” the kid panicked and curled up in a ball.

    “Shut up. I don’t need your bickering right now,” Kaine snarled back, trying to concentrate.

    At that precise moment, somebody appeared heading towards Kaine in the distance with a katana looking sword drawn and was moving like a speeding blur. The attacker swung at Kaine as he then used one of his swords to move the attacker’s blade out of the way and quickly stabbed the guy with his other blade. The person fell down injured while Kaine is now getting continuously attack from all sides with people using bladed weapons. Even with their stealthy abilities and unusual speed, Kaine easily evaded each attack and followed up with quick slashes counters. After several minutes of countering, Kaine picked up the kid and used his unnatural speed to get out of the fog and oasis without being spotted by the surprise attack by the Seekers. He finally stopped and hid behind a huge bolder and breathed hard as the kid was also breathing hard but for no apparent reason.

    “WHY DID YOU BRING ME ALONG? THEY PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THAT I WAS EVEN HERE!” the kid yelled frighten, in awe, shock, excited, surprise, and self confident at the same time. All the Seekers that were looking for the two suddenly stopped at what they were doing and looked awkwardly at the big boulder.

    “Calm down!” Kaine irritably snapped back, regaining his composure

    “HOW CAN I CALM DOWN WHEN THEY ARE HERE?” the kid barked and Kaine gave him a blank expression.

    “Calm the hell down!” Kaine replied, looking around the side of the rock.

    “YOU’RE KAINE! YOU SUPPOSE TO KNOW EVERYTHING!” the kid yelled back like Kaine was his idol.

    “Shut up, you’re going to lead them here!” Kaine responded quickly and harshly.


    ‘OH NO! THEY FOUND US! DO SOMETHING” the boy snarled at Kaine as he just sighed.

    “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH THE BOY IF I MAY ASK?” Kaine yelled back behind the rock and was ignoring the boy’s constant complaints.

    “IT DOESN’T CONCERN YOU KID!” Kaine now look pissed by still being called a kid. “JUST HAND US THE BOY OR YOU WILL DIE AT A VERY YOUNG AGE!”

    “So he wants to act like the big bad bully now. I guess I can’t let him get away with that since he also called me a kid,” Kaine murmured, retracting his swords back in his sleeves.

    “What you’re doing?” the kid asked, scared as he watch Kaine walked around the boulder and quickly saw half of a dozen Seeker Assassins were lined up with the leader in front of them.

    “I am going to repeat myself only once,” Kaine began to talk as he closed his eyes and reopened them, giving a serious look, “What do you want with the kid?”

    “I do not know why you are staking your life to protect that little brat,” the leader replied, laughing at the though of being threaten by a kid.

    “Who said I was staking my life? It is yours that is endangered right now,” Kaine responded extremely irritable, pointing his finger at him.

    “Pretty brave of you kid. We need that kind of bravery in our ranks but that’s not possible right now. Kill the kid and then get the brat’s pendent after you guys kill him too,” the leader commanded his group as they all aimed their semi-automatics at Kaine.

    “I don’t think so,” Kaine whispered angrily from being called a kid again and both of his Quantum Swords came out of his long sleeves and into his hands once again.

    As soon the Seekers began firing their weapons, Kaine swung his swords forcefully toward the ground in front of him and into the sand. The blades violently struck the sandy ground and the force threw thick layers of sand into the air, as the bullets couldn’t penetrate the sandy shield. The Seekers stopped firing as they were thinking that they killed the kid, but suddenly, Kaine jumped out of his sandy barrier and headed toward the group. They didn’t have enough time to reload, aim, and fire, as Kaine dropped down in front of them and quickly slashed at them with one swing each sword. A split second later, every machine gun split in several pieces and fell to the ground and everyone looked surprised at the kid.

    “Who the ******** is this kid?” the leader yelled and made Kaine sighed, “I want him dead!”

    Several of the Seekers that were wielding katanas ran passed the ones that were now defenseless and headed toward Kaine. Just like before, he used one of his swords to block an oncoming attack and used his other sword to injure them so they were incapable of continuing. With most of them down, the ones that were once defenseless now charged towards the teenager, and he now had to be careful to not kill them. His weapons quickly slid back inside his cloak as he prepared to fight the rest of them bare-fisted instead of using his swords. He quickly maneuvered as he dodged between the attacks of the Seekers and followed up with his own set of attacks. One after another, each hit that Kaine landed cause somebody to be sent flying back by the sheer force of his strength.

    Suddenly, a Seeker swung his right arm as the fist was about to impact Kaine’s face but Kaine moved back as the fist narrowly flew pass in front of his face. Kaine immediately grabbed the arm with his left hand and did a rising palm attack with his right hand towards the guy’s elbow. The palm collided against the elbow and it instantly shattered the bone completely by his strength. He then forced the Seeker to arch forward as moved around and rolled the Seeker’s body to kick another Seeker back. The Seeker flew back into another Seeker as Kaine landed on the ground and kicked the back of the leg of the Seeker he was still holding. The leg he kicked launched forward by the force and it kicked another Seeker that was running towards them from the front. Kaine used the side of his right hand to hit the base of the Seeker’s neck, which he was still holding, knocking him unconscious.

    “You?” Kaine asked looking at the leader and dropped the Seeker he was holding, “You’re the last one standing?”

    “Well it seemed that way. The rest were weak anyways,” the leader responded, taking off his coat to show off his muscular upper body.

    “That’s too bad. I was hoping for a little bit more,” Kaine shrugged.

    “I guess I should show you why I am the leader of this squad!” the leader yelled, running towards the teenager.

    The leader of this squad launched his right fist towards Kaine, but he easily dodged the attack by tilting his head to the side. The fist barely flew by his ear as a slight cut appeared by the force of the strike, which amused Kaine greatly. In one quick motion while the fist flew by his ear, Kaine stepped forward and launched his own fist into the gut of the leader. The force didn’t push him back like the rest he hit, but however, the sand behind the leader viciously flew back from the excessive force. The Seeker arched forward by the sudden impact to his stomach as Kaine turned around and wrapped his arms around the Seeker’s head. Kaine took couple steps forward and fell down, bringing the leader down with him by using a submission move.

    While Kaine was holding the leader’s head steadily, the sudden impact to the ground caused severe agonizing pain to the neck. The teenager slowly let go of the Seeker and stood back up while the guy behind him was coughing and tried his hardest to stand back up. The duel Quantum swords slid out of his sleeves and into his hands, as he then turned around to face the leader. He saw that the leader was now filled with rage and charged toward Kaine carelessly, which forced Kaine to sigh. Kaine suddenly vanished as he appeared sliding to stop behind the leader and the leader abruptly stopped in his tracks. The swords quickly withdraw into his cloak once again as he turned around and walked toward the boulder.

    As Kaine passed the leader of the squad of Seekers, blood sprayed out from the Seeker’s ankles, wrists, and neck and he fell down to his knees paralyzed. After the first spray, it started to ooze out slowly as he now have several hours till he dies from bleeding to death unless someone take him to get medical treatment. The blond hair blue eye boy ran out from behind the boulder and saw that all the Seekers were on the ground unconscious and the leader was kneeling down, bleeding to death. The boy walked to Kaine but he walked pass him as the boy looked at the wide-eyed guy on the knees helpless.

    “Before you leave me here to die. Will you please tell me who you are?” the leader asked Kaine.

    “My name is Kaine, Kodachi Kaine,” Kaine responded quietly, not even stopping to look back.

    “So you’re Kaine, the Hidden Forest Seeker,” the leader whispered as he passed out and fell to the ground.

    “Kaine Kodachi,” the kid repeated the name and then turned around running after the teenager, “Hey Kaine!”

    “…” Kaine kept on walking, ignoring the kid.

    “Since they found my hiding spot and all that and it also seemed that they wanted my Pendent. I was just wondering if I could come with you since I know that I wouldn’t be able to protect myself?” the kid asked nervously.

    “Sorry twerp but I work alone,” Kaine quickly responded.

    “Oh please! We both got no parents and I was beginning to pretend that you’re a big brother I never had,” the kid yelled as Kaine stopped from being reminded of his parents and a kid he used to know that he treated as a younger brother.

    “What’s your name kid?” Kaine asked as he turned his head to the side and looked at the direction.

    “My name is Cache!” the kid happily replied as he caught up with Kaine and stopped behind him.

    “All right Cache. You can come along if you don’t get in my way or slow me down in any way,” Kaine nodded and continued walking away.

    “I promise!” Cache yelled, I promise I won’t let you or my family down ever again.

    To Be Continued...