• In this coffen I lay lifeless in the dirt of earth.
    My breath as stopped I can't hear my heart pound.
    I finally break through the coffin and the dirt.
    I'm at the cementary with my parents tombstone right next to me.

    I look at the tombstone of my grave.

    Grace Lionuis
    Birth:1907 Death 1915
    May she rest in peace
    with her parents

    The angle looked at me with gracefull eyes.
    of marble endents

    Then the qustion poped in my head
    i'm I really dead?
    I walked accross the street to the little green house. As i knoced i fell inside the house. The door was still closed the whole time.Finaly I saw someone in the house. The only words i said was help me. And the lady screamed and ran out of her house. I waited for the lday top come back she never did. I waited for days and days on the couch.

    day after day..finaly i agve upa nd went back to bed in ym cosy coffin
    I layed there and sleept peacefully again.