• in the dusky,rainy night we were eating dinner then the wind suddenly stop
    mom said "oh no" we heard the tornado alarms wahmbulance i was scared i got my shoes on as fast as i can i ran to the car we went to the court house i was crying i was wonderin when the tornado was going to come in a flash it struke the court house i derect hit all i chould hear is sceeching,the powerfull wind, and the people screaming afther the tornado was dizzy and sick right there i knew i was a storm seviver pirate i had a cut or to a spranged foot from walk under and over hot power lines we were home and no one there no server damage we walk to marions (friends) at the end of the street we saw 2 of my brother coming we luaghed and smiled 2 we were all together 2 of my brothers went running to marions his whole house covered with trees i went back home and rest in peace(sleep) in my bed biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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