• CHAPTER 1 :part 1

    So when the aztecs-before Mr.hazord his sentence. Missy walked in the room. She had a note in her hand. As the whole class was staring.Her hair was ratted,bad,like she never brushed it in her life.Her navy blue sweat shirt was old. The blue was faded.Her skirt was as dragging on the floor as she moved to Mr.Hazord to give him the note. She didn't say a word.
    Class.We have a new student Missy Calenburgs please give her a hearty hello.Why don't you sit right there by Faye.Missy didn't speak just did.She sat down in the empty desk right next to me. She took out a black notebook. It was faded. it was very old. The cover was leather and the lacth was almost teared into too.Their was intails on it but so faded all I couldtell what it said.
    Her hair coverd her face as she wrote what Mr.Hazord was talking about the Aztecs.
    Soon History was over and on to Sience I had to tell Ami about Missy during seince,Just hope she doesn't have my same sience class. As I went to my locker to get my Science folder and book. I noticed Missy's locker was right acrossed form mine.I wacthed her go to Math class.I hurried on to sience. I took a seat rigth next to Ami. Have you seen Missy? I asked.Yeah she weird, I think we shouldn't mess with her. Holly tried to....and she snapped at her . In a nasty scracthy voise told her she doesn't have to do deal with you.said Ami.
    Really?She wouldn't talk at all during History her locker is right across from mine.I said.I wonder wheres shes from.Ami said. I don't know. I replied.
    Okay class said Mrs.Ellis.We are useing micorscopes. I need to pair you guys into lab partners.Faye and Ami you are lab parters.We looked at each other and smiled. We knew we were gonna ace this.
    Ami's dad is a scientist. He has the coolest labortory.Said Ami.He can help us ace this one for sure!Finannly science ended.I saw Missy leaving math and into the same class as me....Luangue arts.I ran up to her.Hi, I am faye,I was just wondeirng were are you from?I asked in my politest voice.She gave me this look.Evail look. Some where you never want to go. she ran off . What did she mean by some where you never wanna go....