• Katy's P.O.V.

    In California, the wind blew slowly through the dark chilly night. I was looking for a place to stay as I was steering the wheel and eating fries. I drove until my eyes caught one out in the middle of nowhere. I leaned forward and read: Diamond Suite

    I stopped the car, adoring the beautiful location. It was quite large and it was next to a clear blue lake. Behind it was a wide plain where you could have a picnic or just hang out. It was the perfect place to stay. It was rare to find a suite in such good condition.

    I walked into the beautiful building, and walked up to the counter. I asked curiously...

    "Do you have any non-smoking rooms left?"

    The lady at the counter gave me a grin and answered.

    "Of course we do honey. Here's your key."

    I was surprised that such a suite in good condition would actually be available.

    This is all I have right now and I got to get off sorry. Please tune in for the continue