• These were the last words you said to me: "I promise you I'll return."
    I shook my head. I knew back then, and I know still, even now. You were never going to step through that door again. I knew it the moment you said to me that you would protect myself, your family, your people. I still remember those dark, hollow eyes that you tried to coat with innocence, yet you hid the fear of you never coming home. I knew it all along: you didn't want to leave.

    But you did allow them to take you. Have you fought for your freedom when you were told that you would be going away? I knew you tried... But not enough. So, as I watched you walk into the white horizon outside our dear home, the home we have only recently been living in together. Now... Now that we are happy, will you let them all take that away because you think they won't let you?

    Right, they won't let you leave. But they do not control your actions, though they may try. My dear love, I write you this letter, from the home your spirit has never left. Though there you may be, fighting for reasons I shall never understand, I want you to promise me something.

    Promise me... That before you go...
    That you will never die.
    Please promise me that.