• The inside of Las Noches as Grimmjow called it was cold and unfeeling. The hallway we were traveling down seemed to go on forever. I had finally regained mobility and was walking at a steady pace. My speech was also coming back. Aside from those screams I was able to actually say a few sylllables. However not enough could be said for me to ask a full question. My memory hadn’t fully returned so there was one thing that I couldn’t remember. One crucial piece of information still remained hidden from me. I couldn’t remember my own name.
    “Just wait a bit boy we will reach our destination soon enough.” Grimmjow told me. We walked on for a while when Ulquiorra and Grimmjow stopped. “This is where we stop.” Ulquiorra said as he disappeared and reappeared behind me. Suddenly I felt a pain in the back of my head and then fell unconscious. Next thing I knew I had regained consciousness in what appeared to be a throne room. A man sat upon the brilliant white throne. He had brown hair and was garbed in the same white Haori that Ulquiorra and Grimmjow were wearing. Was this the Aizen person they were talking about? “Aizen-sama we have done as you requested and brought the newborn.” Ulquiorra said to the man in the seat. Apparently I was right about who this was. My guess is that he was in charge. “Good Ulquiorra, Grimmjow. You may take your leave I will deal with him.” Aizen said. He had a very regal quality to his voice. As if he was destined to rule. “Very well Aizen-Sama we shall be on our way.” Ulquiorra said turning about on his heel and exiting the room with Grimmjow following. “Now I am going to grant upon you a marvelous gift. You will become an Arrancar and one of the most powerful ever created if I am not mistaken. You will most likely regain human form yet still retain your hollow powers. Then we shall be able to speak as I have not learned nor plan on learning the language of hollows.” He spoke very fluent and proper but there was a lot I didn’t understand about what he was saying. I decided to let him turn me into this Arrancar thing.
    All of the sudden a narrow pillar began to rise out of the ground and it stopped at Aizen’s waist. It began to open and inside rested what appeared to be some sort of strange gem. “This is the Hougyoku. I will use this to turn you into an Arrancar. It may be dormant now but when infused with the powers of a Captain level Shinigami I can force it awake momentarily.” Aizen explained to me. He held the Hougyoku up to my head and then began to pour his energy into. That is when the pain began. Some invisible force was trying to rip my mask off of my face. I fade back into the darkness only this time the pain did not subside. It continued on and on until I couldn’t bear it any longer. I aided the unseen force in the removal of my mask and reached my hand towards my head and ripped the mask from my face with one pull.
    “Arise and tell me your name my new Arrancar.” Aizen commanded. My memory had returned when the pain subsided and I remembered everything. “My name is…..Jashiru Tenshigaki, Aizen-Sama.” I said letting the words escape my mouth and enjoying the sound of my own voice. “Good and from your power I can tell you are strong. You are now the 10th ranked Espada. The Espada are among the strongest of the Arrancar. You also have the ability to control a Fraccion now. A Fraccion is like your squad to whom you give orders. Also over time you will learn to control your Zanpakuto and release your Resureccion. You must firs learn its’ name which will happen over time.” Aizen-sama began explaining everything to me. I understood little of what he was saying but I knew I would learn quickly. I lived to serve Aizen-Sama and if these were his orders I would carry them out. This I understood.