• Chapter 1

    'Ichigo!"Yelled Ihcigo's father from downsatirs.
    'What?"!He yelled back irrateded from school work that he didnt finish last night becuse of the hallow.....The one that took 3 hrs to destroy.Even His friend Chad even helped him.But the stupid thing wouldn't want to pass on. xp
    Ichigo's Arm was in a cast.He told his dad he fell down the stairs at Chad's.
    'Breakfeats is ready!"Yelled His father.
    Coming down in a minute!Yelled Ichigo.He got up cuastly he was brussed from the hallow forcing him to lay in thuds at the park.He rembers a girl looked at him llike he was crazy fighting an imargnairy obeject.
    Ichigo finnaly got down stairs tot he kicthen.His father and too younger sisters made hima buffa of breakfest foods.
    'Hey Ichi!"what a fall you ahd last night!You even cut ur arm!Have a nice breakfest It was my idea!"said his father.No It was mine yelled Ichigo's youngets sister stood up form her seat and protested.
    NO I had the idea!
    Why you little!said ichigo's father.Then they started to argue.ABout soemthing as stupid as this.finanly Karin stepped in.WILL YOU TOO SHUT UP!YOU BOTH NOW IT WAS MINE scream scream
    Sorry they both said in a sigh. sweatdrop

    Thanks guys but Im not hungry.Ichigo left.Now ahving a headach.I will never get ym family he mumbles and walks off to school.
    Ichigo!Yelled rukia.Ichigostopped turned and saw rukiain her school uniforum coming to Ichigo.
    Wow you must not be that good if a hallow can hurt u liek that.Ichigo gave rukia a dirty look as they walked off to school.