• Chapter one
    Sometimes your greatest stories lead you into trouble. Mine did, and I wish I didn't write great stories. But , well you wouldn't get it. I have one of the greatest stories, and this really happened even though you might not believe me. But I have some advice, Never Trust Death.

    I was walking in the hallway at Williams High , your worst nightmare . I was only 16. Daring at will ,I always took a challenge. Some were easy as can be, but some were life threatening. But nobody cared , no one not at all. Except one person, Nick Rolling. He was as cute as can be. But everyone called him weird, everyone of course but me. I really liked him and I knew he liked me.The only problem was that I knew I would be the laughing stock at school if I...... Well asked him out.But I knew I was daring.Nothing could stop me. Except two people, my parents.Like all the other times I wanted a boyfriend, they stopped me. I always hated that.

    "Oh no! You are not getting a boyfriend!" scowled Mom and Dad at the same time. "Sorry honey, but we think young relationships are very, well dangerous. They can make you think you have to marry that person!" Mom said sweetly, but you could tell she was annoyed. "Mom Dad!I don't think that! Do you think I'm STUPID!" I yelled , feeling like I could kill them ,"Why do you always think I can't handle anything? I'm 16!". " That is why we are so worried! I was 16 once you know!"she said. "You don't act like it", I grumbled, mad enough to tear a car into pieces. I sighed. " Please, just trust me one time . Nick is a good kid, gets straight A's. PLEASE!" I begged thinking that maybe they would crack. It took Mom a moment , then she sighed and said," Okay, but be careful. Okay?". Yes Mom okay. Thank you so much!".