• Preface

    Ever since Molly was the very age of four she had realized something was wrong. Her mom gave her brother and sister nicknames like Bumble Bee and Beary Bear, but no matter how hard Molly tried to get a nickname like them she was just prefer as it She never fit in, not even once.

    Rainy Day
    Chapter 1

    "It! get down here!" Here mother screamed. She quickly stopped drawing a picture of her mom with purple butterflies on it and put a pink fuzzy sweater over her head. She slipped the picture and the half broken crayons under her bed and went to go turn the knob. "It!" Her mother called again. Oh no, the door was to tall, she couldn't reach the handle. She broke into tears as she panicked and hoped her mom wouldn't come up the stairs. She opened her dresser and stacked shirts and dolls on top of each other right in front of the door. She climbed on top and opened the door.

    She ran down the stairs as fast as she could and hide halfway behind the pole on the last step. "Yes mommy." Her voice broke off as she whipped a tear climbing down her face with her sweater. "We're going to go eat." Her mom said not looking up from the TV. Molly smiled. "Can i wear this?" She said spinning around, modeling it. "No not you, you're staying here. Go see if we have any left over casserole." Molly looked down disappointed. Was this what she was looking forward to in life? Was her mom going to change? Would her mom ever hug her?

    That night Molly was locked in the attic with her cat, Sophie. Molly was a very sweet girl, she even sang songs about her mom. She kneeled in front of the window as the rain fell one after one. She sang, "Do you think about me? Like i think about you? Every Second of the day. I hope thats okay. What you mean to me? No words can say. Your like the sunshine on a rainy day. I know you're mine, do you know im yours? Do you think about me? Like i think about you Every second of the day." Little Molly smiled a her song. She grabbed Sophie and put her on her lap and hummed the melody of the song. She struggled to her feet and sat in front of the old creepy door waiting for her family to get back.

    "Hey kid you're sleeping at Jessie's." Her mom said. She pulled off the covers and got her pillow. A dress or two and a toothbrush. She looked at her mom and walked out alone.

    She walked across the apartment's porch and watched her pajamas get wet and muddy. She lightly knocked on her next door neighbor's door. The door opened and her cheeks turned rosey red. She gave Jessie a big hug in exchange for a kiss on the head. Molly like Jessie; she was a preteen with long brown hair like chocolate and solid emerald eyes. "C'mon lets get you something to eat." Jessie said taking Molly by the hand. Jessie opened the old mini refrigerator. "Do you like watermelon?" Jessie asked. Molly folded her napkin in her lap and looked out the window. She shook her head as she looked as she watched the rain. Jessie picked the seeds out of the watermelon and handed Molly a plate and set the freshly picked watermelon on the plate. Jessie sat Little Molly on a stool. Molly fixed a piece of Jessie's hair that was in her face and ate a big chunk of watermelon, Jessie roared a laugh.

    Jessie Jumped off the stool and went to set Molly's things in her room. "Aw you got your PJs all dirty." Jessie sighed smiling. Molly set the watermelon down and whipped her mouth. "Oops." She giggled as she put her hands up as if she was caught red handed. "I'll go see if i have any old PJs you can wear." Jessie said as she walked across the hall into her room. "Do you want to wear a pink dress or blue sweatpants with a white tank.?" Jessie shouted across the house. Molly got to her feet and grabbed her tiny blanket and walked around the corner into the room. She hugged her blanket and pointed to the little dress with a black kitten on it. Jessie turned around to untangle the dress. Molly walked towards her pile of stuff and dug around till she found Mimi, a toy cat shes had since she was born. Although the stuffing was coming out of the ear and the stitches were coming undone, Molly loved it.

    As Jessie was still trying to fix the dress Molly went into the little cozy hallway and placed Mimi in the corner. She sat next to her and talked about her day.

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