• The warmth of the layer of cotton that covered me head to toe was becoming unbearable. The little rays of the sun blazed through the glass windows, causing a pattern of light to spread upon my carpet. Beads of sweat embedded onto my forehead, running down to my noes. I yanked the covers of me and hopped over towards the window. My eyes drifted over the view from my see-through glass frame. Right before my eyes I could see the ocean, it's foamy waves crashing onto the shore and smashing against the rocks making a gentle soothing sound.

    Underneath the building in which I live in, the main road ran alongside the beach, cars roaring past, splashing liquids everywhere. I sighed deeply and thought about what was ahead of me. Today, I would move from being an orphan to a family member, I wasn't sad about this, I just didn't know what to expect. By one o'clock today I would have my bags packed and ready to leave. Ready to leave to a brand new place, the thought finally sinking in.

    I'm fifteen, top of my class, I can play piano, sing, I am not what you would call ugly either, although I don't boast about it. When I was just seven years old, my parents went out like usual on a Saturday night, to watch something new at the cinema's I waited with my brother and child minder until the came back, but that night they didn't come back. I awaited a phone call saying that they were going to be late because of traffic or some lame excuse. Bu the phone cal I received wasn't what I expected. I has answered the phone, knowing that I would get that usual happy chime of my mother's voice, but instead it was a deep, low growl stating that my mother had been involved in an accident and that they would bury her tomorrow, I thought this was a tiny bit strange, but there was nothing I could do as I didn't know where they were or what happened.

    I decided that I would take a stroll around the village before I left. I walked through the cold of the morning, I had a thin black coat on and a scarf wrapped around my face. I sighed, sucking in the cold air through my scarf as I strolled through the small park in my area for the last time.

    As soon as the clock struck twelve thirty I new that I would have to go back, it took me around ten minutes to walk back and five to get ready to leave. The head of the orphanage gathered everyone to the dining hall and announced that I would be leaving and that we all needed to say something about myself. I knew this was going to be embarrassing. A friend of mine stood up, she was small and needed a stool to look over the table and food piled on, she had short brown hair and rosy cheeks with small elf-like ears. “I really don't want you to leave Yumi! Your a great delight for everyone in this room, even you know that!” she sat down taking a deep breath sniffling sadly at what she just said.
    After about seven people stood up, the head sighed and sad that everyone should be happy for me, not giving out death wishes, I laughed to myself at this thought, and eat the last of my dinner.
    Awaiting the moment, I thought about my life here, it had it's ups and downs, but I loved the people in here. The moment drew close and while I was dragging my suitcases to the door, the chime echoed through my ears of the small bell. I sighed, a tear escaping my eye, I hesitated as I twisted the knob and suddenly, I started to feel dizzy and as I twisted the shiny gold door handle, I began to feel light headed, this was when I knew I was heading for the floor...