• What do you do when your life revolves around one person whose very soul slipped through your fingers and into the grasp of your best friend thereby ending her existence?
    Why? Why does faith torment me with an unreachable desire to love? Faith has slapped me in the face once again, playing my emotions as if they were a game of chess, and I have just lost my queen. What has condemned me to this life of solitude? I have not done evil enough to damn myself this way.
    What did Dustin gain from slaughtering her? Anna, why did you provoke him? You knew he was a deranged mass murderer. True, he hadn’t struck in three years, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t.
    Dustin, how could you? I thought we were friends. It’s as if you have ripped my heart right out of my chest, yet I still live. You have caused me great distress, and for that you will pay, for not only have I lost the love of my life, I have lost my will to live as well.
    The day before Anna died, her and Dustin were fighting about his mysterious past and unpredictable future.
    “How long ‘til you get off patrol?” Anna asked.
    Dustin twitched, his ears reddening, “I don’t remember.”
    “What did you get caught for?” Anna sneered, “I forgot.”
    “’jacking a car,” he said through gritted teeth.
    “Who wants o see a movie?” I coaxed, trying to break up the fight.
    “Not now Seth,” they hissed in unison.
    “I would think you could get away with that,” Anna remarked, “’Cuz, I mean, didn’t you get away with killing five people?”
    “Yeah,” he acknowledged, “What of it?”
    “Well, I just figured that if you got away with killing a whole family, you could get away with ‘jacking a car.” Anna said.
    Dustin started shivering like he always did when he was about to punch some one out. I instinctively stood in front of Anna, protecting her, but, then, he stopped. I heard him chuckle to himself. “Yeah,” He smirked “I guess I shoulda’ got away. I guess I got less stealthy while I was hidin’ from the cops.”
    Wow, I thought, what a change of character. Then I opened my mouth in disbelief. I knew what he was up to and I had to try to stop him. Anna’s life depended on it. “How about that movie?” I asked shakily.
    “Yes,” Dustin Grinned, “We shall see a movie.”