• The sky is beautiful.
    It opens and sheds its light through layers, and layers of feelings,
    happy or sad, or angry feelings.
    Sometimes sad feelings show, so it drowns the people of earth in its salty, wet teardrops.
    The blueish tint in the background, in the mind of the sky means happiness, not misery or woe.
    The sky is the gateway to heavens beyond,
    the gateway to space.
    The gateway to discoveries, yet to be made.
    The sky is curious of us, just as we are curious of it.
    It looks upon us like the eyes of a giant. Sometimes showing its face,
    the clouds take the shape of eyes, nose and mouth.
    Othertimes, on gloomy days, the face of the giat we call the sky is
    covered with shame or anger, or sadness. The sky is most beautiful when
    showing its face.
    But it is breathtaking either way.