• The blue fire brightened to illuminate a small area surrounding Amy and the boy in front of her. Light curled around his pale figure, revealing his handsome features in a golden glow. A small gasp that she quickly turned into a laugh escaped her. Amy didn’t believe she would ever get used to the sight of him.
    He chuckled. “I forgot you don’t like it when I use them,” he said in a deep, rich voice. It contained as much warmth as the flame he was holding in his bare hand.
    “That is not the reason I gasped,” Amy said in a soft voice.
    Damian didn’t respond as he took out a candle from his pocket; he wasn’t one for flattery of himself, not matter who it came from. Amy took his hand in hers, her pale fingers resting inside the little flame. The fire had surprised her, but she knew it wouldn’t hurt her. He would never do anything to hurt her, no matter how bizarre he was, and he was very out of the ordinary. Strange things had started happening to Amy after the arrival of this boy, the new kid. Everything, of course, that had happened was amazing and good, but strange and unusual to, and all of it was linked to Damian.
    Since showing up in her first period class dressed in all black and wearing fancy shades this boy had turned her life upside down. He had shown her true beauty and powerful magic. These things had happened over a long time that brought her to this moment in the quiet cemetery.
    She remembered that they hadn’t been the instant friends people always think of. There had been no locking of eyes that said everything will be fine and wonderful; we’ll get along just great. A conversation hadn’t been struck up and revealed how deep a level they connected on. Amy hadn’t wanted anything to do with him, and Damian had done a fair job of keeping away from her as well.
    When they did speak to each other it was because Amy had been asked to show him around the school. It’s not the type of assignment a student could turn down, there was no way to just say “No Sir. I will not show this kid around, I just don’t like him.” He was in each class with her so it worked out best for everyone, or so the principle told her. They met in the main office and were given quick introductions before being sent off.
    Doing as she was told Amy turned her back to the Goth boy and mumbled, “Fallow me.” She dragged her feet all day, peeking over her shoulder and past her silky hair to see him clad in a tight black shirt and jeans. Admitting to herself that he was smoking hot with slightly long dark hair and a toned looking body, Amy tried to get through the day.
    Then her friends had offered him a seat at the lunch table. Damian reluctantly slid into the bench, taking a seat across from her. Everyone opened fire, and beat him down with questions.
    As it would turn out, they had a lot in common. There favorite bands where the same and they both loved to read. His favorite color was green, hers was blue. He loved the stars she adored the moon. Her friends loved him and thought him a total hottie. Amy wouldn’t argue that point. So the Goth and Emo kids fell into a routine.
    The more they got to know each other, the more they knew there was more between them then music and books. Normally they were both quiet people, but they could hold entire conversations without letting their little group in to talk. Other times they sat across from each other at launch just staring. She loved the swirls in his seemingly black eyes. If the light hit them at just the right angle they would appear a chocolate brown, and other times there would be specks of green around the pupil. He would tell her that her blue eyes where like glass or the ocean, but Amy thought they were too boring for that. He was smart, a gentleman, and handsome. Even though they took all the same classes, he always had the better grades. Amy once joked that if she spent more time looking at the board instead of admiring his glossy hair and pale figure she might do as well, but she could live as a B student.
    Their first real date didn’t happen for some months after his first day. While they were slowly growing closer, they had some problems getting alone since all Amy’s girlfriends all want a piece of him. Even the male soccer captain, who was dating one of Amy’s close guy-friends, couldn’t help staring at him. Her gay friends agreed he was a perfect ten, but they would never give each other up for him. So, they told her he was safe from them. There where pretty much always eyes on him though; the mysterious new kid who hid behind his dark sunglasses and inky hair caught the attention of everyone.
    When he did finally get her alone they held hands as they walked along the empty streets. Amy could remember everything about that night. She wore a loose black tank top and black skinny jeans with a chain, an outfit similar to the one she wore tonight. He was in black jeans and a black top and a black jacket. The jacket was faded and torn but looked cool. His shades where pushed on top of his head to hold back his raven hair. It didn’t reach his shoulder, but it still fell in his face all the time.
    There wasn’t much talking as they entered an old discreet park. Under a small white tree Amy saw a blanket and a wicker basket. A candle sat already lit in the center of the blanket. He lit more once they were seated comfortably beside each other. Conversation was light and they sat close to each other, acting a bit shy. He twirled a strand of her brown hair around his elegant finger, asking questions he already knew the answers to. Some how, the conversation turned over to the topic of magic.