• Hello fellow writers. I will be doing a fan fictions. I honestly don't know if this qualifies as a fan fiction, because I don't really have a anime, show, movie, I'm going base it on. If naruto pops out of nowhere and does a smack down on one of the vampires from Vampire D well...so be it. Enjoy.

    My Protection, Cost your life
    Chapter 1-That Stupid emerald.

    Zack walked down the hallway slowly and steadily, not really in a hurry to get where he was going. His preist cloak, skimmed the ground as he made his way threw the cement, almost claustraphobic archs of the mansion. Who would live in this place? This dark, damp smelling, cold exile worthy prison. As soon as he had come threw the door he felt a weight on his shoulders from just the presense that he could only describe as evil.

    The only reason he was even coming into this place was to do gods bidding. Someone was dying and wished to repent for their sins, and Zack being a preist of Saro, has come to see him off to the next world. With his prayer book held to his chest, like a sheild from the unusual cold of the mansion he made his way, led by a small man.

    The man only measured abour 5 feet from the ground, and it was obvious from his frame that he slouched unnaturally. Like he also beared the weight that seemed to drop on your shoulders when you entered the mansion. Years of being weakened by it, making him stay that way even when he had the few moments of relief from its binds when he met him at the front door.

    Zack pulled out his holy symbol and placed it on his neck. He token of his god felt heavier on his neck, but he endured it. He looked down at his book then up at the man who wobbled around a corner. "Uh...sir, is your counts room any farther?" he asked walking faster to keep pace.
    The man looked back and spit as he continued to walk. Zack didn't take it as an insult but chose to not talk any longer to the man for the continuation of his stay here, which he hoped was brief.

    Zack stayed quiet and soon he stopped as the short man opened a door. Zack walked up to him and glanced into the room. A single candle lit the entire room, and on the bed a woman layed in a coma like state on the bed. A doctor stood a little off to the end of the room pale. Zack thought it was because he knew he could not save her. Zack could not save he life either, Saro was calling her back to his realm. And to him she must go. He could save her soul.

    Zack walked in and almost immediately the count, a tall broad shouldered man appeared out of the shadows from beside the bed. "Father" he whispered walking to him. Zack nodded to him, "Count Iro, very nice to see you again. Is this her?" Zack asked shaking his hand. The count was a god fearing man, but he never was seen outside his mansion.

    Zack only seen him at the late masses on saturday. The count always sat near the back, close to the window. It was cold there, and Zack had offered him a seat closer to the heater at the front of the chapel but the count refused on ever occassion. Come to think of it, Zack had never actually seen the count come threw the door of chapel either. And the count never moved from his spot, which was very perculiar in its own right.

    All of this, didn't however question the count's mood at the moment. His eyes were weary looking, and the dark circles around his eyes made him look almost of the undead. All the life that once flowed in his face was gone and he looked almost scary with his pale skin. There was guilt in his eyes as well. Something had happened, and the count himself too was struggling with some internal conflict. Zack had to ask him if he needed aid as well, but now he had something else to do.

    He walked to the bed and knelt. He opened his book and pulled out two coins and placed them at her head and feet. He began to prey and the count simply watched. Zack opened with a prayer and the count bowed his head. After ending it, Zack lifted the woman's head. He pulled away quickly, almost startled. She was cold as steal that had been placed in a winter storm for far too long. If she had any life in her, it was gone.

    He continued to pray and started the cleansing of the soul. The count was almost unmoving. he looked more like a statue as Zack continued the prayers and the splashing of holy water. The process took an hour, he needed one hour to clense someone of their sins. Zack repeatedly had to blow into his hands to keep them from becoming too cold and his breath could be seen. He was jittering threw the entire ritual.

    After an hour and a half of praying, Zack closed his book and stood. The count moved finally and kissed the woman's lips one last time. Zack was a little suprised. The count looked to be about late 40s and the woman was in her early 20s. But they both wore the same ring on the the marital fingers. That woman had been his wife.

    Zack was alittle ashamed after thinking one saturday night he had called the count her father by mistake. And they had not corrected him. He had to admit that he had a fancy for the woman. It was forbidden however, because he had promise to love no woman as a wife until she actually was his wife. Zack was a man however and like most men he was no exception to jealousy.

    Zack turned and the count looked back at him, like he had known what was going threw the preists head. His eyes then glowed red for a moment before turning back onto his beloved.

    The journey threw the mansion was slower than Zack expected. It was as if the short, dwarf of a man had purposely taken the long route. When he reached the door the count had already made it their. "The burial?" he asked stopping to collect his thoughts. "Will it be in the chapels burial grounds?" he asked finally. Zack put on his hat, "Indeed, her grave has already been dug, I am very sorry for your loss count" Zack said holding out his hand.

    The count looked into his eyes and the count smiled. "Thank you" Zack's mind then started to pulse. As if his brain had been dug into by a human hand. And the hand was thrashing around in his skull. He held his head in pain and tried to hide the pain, but he fell to one knee. The count did not help him, or even ask if he was in pain until the pain lessened to a short throb.

    The count put his hand out "Are you ok father?" Zack took his hand and stood and shook his head. "Its...Its been a long night." What had just happened? Zack felt like he had just been drowned twice, and a spike had just been stabbed between his eyes. The count picked up his hat, the hat Zack had forgot he had put on in the first place. He then rushed Zack out of the house, far too easily, and more joyously than should have been expected out of a greiving husband.

    The count in the house inhaled, smiling as he walked back up the stairs into his bed chambers.

    Outside Zack staggered a bit and leaned against a tree to keep balanced. He held his head and looked back at the house. If he never had to go in that place again, it would be too soon. one thing was for sure...he needed a drink. He was relieved when he was back home and he closed the door of the chapel, happy to finally be done wit his chores.

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