• Akira: The Trapped pt 25
    -Akira’s View-
    A figure out darkness and light formed, and it looked straight at me. My eyes slowly closed as my heart slowed until I could barely feel it. Am I going to die? Yes, yes I am Nijix is dead. Kino is dead, all the pieces are fitting together. Maybe if Kino killed Nijix, afterwards he would die to?
    Yes, that has to be it. They can never die without each other. And they aren’t going to hell without me, that’s for sure. Ok, Akira relax..let death seep into you just like sleep.
    -Tiyo-san’s View-
    I heard Akira’s prayer, and instantly my new body was complete. All I needed was a call for help.
    Instantly, I landed into Nijix and Akira’s Apartment. Nijix laying on the floor bleeding to death, and choking on his own blood. Akira laid next to the couch, a deep wound in his stomach but her blood seeped from the back. A man with grey hair looked at me, and I recognized his face. He looked at me in horror, reaching for his blade that was already covered in blood. With a whip of my hand I sent the refrigerator straight into his head with a blinding flash a light. He screamed my name as he fell out the window and yelled.
    Hurrying to Akira, her eyes closed. I felt for her pulse, it was so faint any mortal would bury her right away.

    “My little Akira, hang in there.” I gently caressed her cheek, thinking of what I was about to do. I grabbed a knife out of my long coat, it was purely white but made of something even harder than any mortal metal. I stabbed Akira in the heart, she made a ear piercing scream and went limp. I did the same for Nijix, stabbing him in the heart with the sleek blade. He twitched, I know he recognized this magic. Akira’s chest started to rise and fall, and all of her blood slowly seeped back into her wound. It slowly connected itself. Akira’s tan color started to come back.

    But Nijix was a quick healer. He jumped up so fast I couldn’t even get the blade out.
    “THAT SON OF A b***h!!”
    Oh what perfect words to say when you almost died. Nijix stared at me with a frown, then he jerked forward, and looked down. The dagger was still in his heart, but it was glowing. Very harmless if you’re not anywhere near death. His fingers slowly pulled it out and he threw it at me, in a blink of a eye I dodged it.
    “…..” I didn’t want to say anything to him, he already caused enough trouble last time I met with him.
    Walking over to Akira, I picked her up and laid her on the couch, I sat down. Her head rested on my legs. I stroked her hair gently. I missed her so much, I didn’t want to leave her ever again.

    -Nijix’s View-
    This had to be Tiyo-san, from the expression on his face seemed just like the one in the book. But he didn’t say a word, he just walked to Akira and hugged her. I swear I was ready to bust a blood vessel. His hair was metallic grey and it reached his shoulders, he had a bang but it was shorter than mine. He wore a long white coat, and black jeans, matched with a pair of black boots. His eyes were so dark, that they looked black. Akira started to stir.

    “Akira….” I walked to her and sat right by Tiyo’s legs. My hand on Akira’s arm. I failed once again, and this time both of us almost died. This never happened to me before. I mean yes I have died a lot, but I was always alone. But dying with Akira… I was scared. So scared, like I wanted to curl into a ball and stay there forever. I couldn’t even talk, I couldn’t even say I loved her. It was all pain and slowly bleeding to death. And she said she would die with me, and she kept her word.
    But please Akira, wake up…

    -Akira’s View-
    I felt a warm hand on my arm, and someone stroking my hair. Slowly opening my eyes, I could make out a figure..wait.. Tiyo-san?!! I looked over my shoulder, and Nijix stared back at me, his hazel eyes mixed with sadness and fear. I’m alive, yes..yes I’m alive. Sitting up the first thing I heard was.
    “Akira are you alright?!!” Nijix and Tiyo blurted out. They quickly looked at each other with hatred.

    “…Yes…yes I’m alright.” I titled my head and smiled. I slowly got up and staggered to the nearest chair besides the couch. I made my way to the kitchen table that was only 4ft away and collapsed on the chair. I had the perfect view of Nijix and Tiyo.
    “I heard you call, I was tempted to only rescue you but I recognized that man’s face and knew his brother was here so I saved your friend here.” Tiyo’s voice was so mature, and deep but it had that tone of passion and strength. Nijix kept looking at Tiyo then at me, he gapped. Then I felt my face blushing.

    “…Well, I don’t feel like dying again so I’m putting extra locks on the doors and windows. Mr. Tall and Handsome care to help?” Nijix interjected towards Tiyo.
    “Thank you.”
    “It wasn’t a complement.”
    “ I don’t care, but I’ll help.”
    They both started to go for the door, and both grabbed my arms. Not even thinking about leaving me alone in the hotel. But they bumped their heads together on the door. And yet again they stared at each other with hatred.
    Maybe, death equals a new beginning for all of us. Even if they don’t get along.
    -End of Part 25-