• Modern Day:
    In a long icy plain in western Russia, a man completely dressed in black stood before a cliff. His mouth hidden by the top of his massive black jacket, and the top of his head and face hidden by a hat, He looked down at the cities at the base of the cliff. "It's moments like this..." He thought to himself. "Moments like this that... people want to remember." He then turned and said aloud, "Too bad I wanna forget it all." He slowly walked down the the way he came.

    The night air was cool and crisp, although it didnt matter to him. Although he looked about twenty, he was actually 77 years of age. He was only 8 when the invasion of russia happened. When the Nazi party made their attack on Russia. Only 8 when his entire family was murdered...only 8 when they kidnapped him for testing to create a new weapon, the world's first ever B.O.W. (Bio-Organic-Weapon) In fact the story of this male, begins after that. Let's listen to it, shall we?

    Chapter 1: "Only A Boy"

    In the dark early hours of July 17th, 1941, 8-year Tobi Karuzmaki was awoken by the sounds of Tanks and Machinegun fire. His father, who was Japanese, fled Japan to escape war with china, while his mother was Russian. They lived in the city of Stalingrad.They were going to evacuate a few days earlier due to the German bombing of the city, but to no avail. For Russian lead Josef Stalin had ordered all civilians to stay inside of the city. Stalin beleived that if the civilians were inside of the city that they would encourage the soldiers there. However, a few days later the Germans invaded the city and killed everyone. Shortly they were at Tobi's house. "Be quiet!" Tobi's father whispered to his wife and son in the attic. "Do you wish for those Slvochs to hear us?" But it was too late, the family could hear the nazi troops underneath them. "
    Hey ... Ich hörte etwas über uns!" One soldier said. Then another: "Ja! Ich höre es auch!" A conversation quietly occoured between the two soldiers. "Stupid russische Bastarde ist das, was ich vermute .." " Ja. Same here. Bringen Sie sie nach unten, damit wir sehen, wer diese "loyal" Zivilisten werden kann!" Both soldiers laughed as they opened a trap door. They then smirked at the firghtened hiding family. "Surprise Surprise! Ihr dummen Russen wissen nicht, wann er aufhören sollte, nicht wahr?!" The family hid as the soldiers raised their MP-40 submachine guns. They then took the wife and husband out. One soldier then began to "Defile" the wife. I beleive you know what I mean by "Defile". As that happened the husband screamed at them, but he was being restrained by the other soldier, who was laughing. "Ihre Geliebte! sie hat so hilarious stöhnt!" he said "Sie ist eine sehr schmutzige Jungfrau!" After they were finished they shot both parents. Tobi, who was watching, dashed towards the german soldiers. However, a Colonel who was watching approached the boy and picked him up, laughing. "Stoppen! Lassen Sie ihn am Leben!" He said to the soldiers. "Ich mag ihn ... Er ist mein!" He finally said to the little boy, "You hear that? Your mine...your perfect for project WarGewinner!" He said as he sedated and knocked out the boy, throwing him onto a truck...