• The shadows of my enemies were lurking closer with every foot step that I heard behind these jagged, iron bars. They had imprisoned me here for something I didn’t even do. They said that I had murdered someone. How? Was the first question in my mind. How did I kill someone when I don’t remember even doing it? I see a fine leather shoe at the edge of the door frame, tapping up and down. Deep voices bounce off the walls of the cell. “Sir, I know her very well, and she would never commit a crime this serious. I wouldn’t even think she would commit one at all! Let her go, please!” I recognized that voice to be one that had cared for me since I was 17. Sebastian. My boyfriend. I opened my hearing and concentrated on the conversation. Out of the blue, a high pitched voice joins the argue. “My daughter IS NOT a murderer! Why and How? How could she just sit there and kill someone. I raised her better than that.” My mother. “I am sorry, madam. But Celia committed a crime, and she must be punished for it. I have no idea either why she is in here. I am just the guard. If you have any issues, you have to take it up with the judge. I am so sorry about this.” That must be the guard.. I silently sobbed in my head, wanting to tell Sebastian and my Mother everything is all right. Sebastian walked over to my jail cell and asked for me. “Celia? I can talk to you. Come here.” I screamed in my head. I tip toed over to the door. “Sebastian..I miss you so much. I didn’t even do anything…” He grabbed my hand in both his hands through the bars, and rubbed my hand with his thumb. “Everything will be alright. I will get you out.” He whispered into my ear. He pulled my face closer through the bars, and kissed me lightly. “I love you, Celia. Don’t ever forget that. Even if you did kill someone, I would still love with all my heart.” He waved to the guard to make him come over here. “Is there any possible way I could stay here with her?” The guard shook his head up and down. “Go commit a crime. Just kidding, I will let you stay here with her on one condition. Go get me some donuts.” Sebastian laughed, and so did my mother. “Alrighty then. I will be back, Celia. I promise.”

    30 minutes passed before they came back. It seemed like years. The guard jumped from his regular seat at the desk, and grabbed the box of donuts. His face lit up as he licked his lips and started smacking down on the donuts. “Uh, let me in now.” Sebastian said waving sarcastically. “Okay. Let me get over there.” The chunky guard walked over to the iron gate and let him in. I memorized the key picture in my mind. Sebastian walked in and hugged me as he walked. “Your mom has to go home. She cant stand the fact that you are in jail. Sorry about that.” He said as I laid my head down on his comfy shoulder. I just slowly nodded, taking in every moment we had together. He kissed my cheek, and we just stood in the cell, dancing to no certain music. The only music we had was the soft humming of the now bloated guard. We danced till the night was still, and the only sound left was the crickets singing their songs. “Are you tired, Celia?” He whispered in my ear, trying not to ruin the moment. “A little. I got a lot of sleep since last night when they captured me.” I whispered back. He picked me up like you would a baby, and carried me to the cot. He set me down, and pulled the blanket over my body. He smiled at me, and grabbed the extra set of blankets and pillows. He set them up on the floor to make a make believe cot. “I can sleep on the floor, you know. You are being way to generous.” I whispered as I laid on my side looking down at him. He turned his head to look at me, and he answered with a whisper. “Honey, I am the man. I lay on the floor. I am supposed to provide for the woman. Good night sweetie.”

    I awoke to the sound of the guard snoring. I wish he would just get up and give me the keys. Sebastian was sitting faced at the wall, with is head in his hands. I jumped up, and ran to his side. He looked up at me with a red face, eyes swelled up. “Oh my god! Sebastian! What is wrong?” I asked as I sat next to the floor beside him, my hand already sweaty from holding his for 3 seconds. It took him a while to respond because of his crying, but eventually, he spoke up. “The guard awoke me last night when you were sleeping. He told me they are moving you to another jail. A jail that is halfway around the world. They are moving you to…” He could not even finish his words. He was already sobbing again. I looked at him in disbelief, my eyes already leaking. I whispered to him again. “Where are they moving me to?” He looked at me, and answered quickly. “India.” The word that came out of his mouth shocked me. India? Could he be serious? Was he just hallucinating? I dug my head into my knees, and prayed. “God, I don’t have any clue why I am here. They are moving me to another country for a crime I never committed. If this is your will, I shall proceed with it. But, if there is some way out of this, please help me out. I don’t need this.” I finished my prayer, and Sebastian put me in his lap. He hugged me tightly, and spoke once more. “Celia, if they do move you, I will go with you. I mean it! Don’t let them tell you I can’t. I will commit a crime myself if I have to. I love you so much, Celia. I can’t let this happen to you, well, not if I’m not there with you.” His words touched my heart. I had never heard him say something like that before in my whole entire relationship with him. I kissed him on the cheek. “I know you would. I know you love me. And, I love you too.” We stayed in each other’s arms for a long while.

    I heard the snoring stop. The guard was awake. Oh no. I hope Sebastian was dreaming so badly. The deep voice from within the huge guard spoke. “Celia Watson, please come over to the bars. We have an issue worth talking about. “ Sebastian just turned his head, and watched as I walked slowly toward the iron prison bars. “Yes?” The guard scratched his head, and eventually words came out of his mouth. “Celia..The head of police just announced we are having a big group of gangsters that need cells. Since they haven’t gone to court yet, they have decided to let another jail hold you until we have the time and date to deal with you. Since we have good relations with India, we are placing you there in a small cell, away from the other prisoners. The jails there, I have heard, are ferocious. I tried to talk them out of it, but they just kept saying tell her, Jim. So, that’s about it. Oh, and your little boy friend last night almost knocked my brain out through my nose last night, so he is coming with you, I came to find out.” My eyes were huge, and Sebastian breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay. Can I just please get a message to the head of police?” I question. “Sure, let me get my note pad.” The guard walked over to his desk, and grabbed a pencil and a note pad. “Yes?” He asks. “Tell the police that I have committed no crime. I would like to have this in court ASAP.” I tell him, making sure Sebastian heard every single word. “Okay, It will likely not mean anything to him, but whatever.” I walk slowly back over to Sebastian and find an empty spot on the floor next to him. He turns his head and blinks out the tears. “I shouldn’t be crying like this. I am supposed to be there for you, but obviously, my mother’s emotions are finally getting a hold on me.” He whispered. I smile and pat his back. I nodded and he touched my cheek with the back of his hand. “I am so glad I found you, I love being around you.” He told me as voices came from the front of the jail.

    The flight is horrible. Smelly prisoners from all over the world are being transported to a huge, world wide jail. We are all sitting on the floor, our hands tied behind out backs so no one gets hurt. Sebastian was on the other side of the plane, trying to break from the handcuffs. I was with all the girls, and let me tell you, they were tough. One has black and white highlighted hair, and red contact eyes. She looked up at me and spoke a sentence through her black lipstick lips. “Why you being transported?” I looked down, and answered. “They believe I committed a murder, but I have no memory even doing it.” She laughed. “Were you drunk, high, hallucinating?” I shook my head no. Sebastian was eyeing me carefully. The girl just shook her head, chuckling. “They put you in here for just about anything. I just impersonated a famous celebrity on MySpace, and they threw me in this grave yard. Can you believe that?” She looked up at me again, this time, almost crying. I nodded my head no, and leaned back against a cement crate carrying the “Crazy People”. “So what’s your name, ginger?” She asked me, moving her head to get her hair out of her red eyes. “Celia. Celia McJohnson. You are?” I told her. “Avery Harold, the famous impersonator of Kelly Clarkson. I know our hair aren’t the same color, but man do I act like her. I had people banging on my door for an autograph. I just acted like a dude and told them she was in the shower, ha, good times.” She answered with a bit of sarcasm added in her manly voice. I nodded my head, laughing a little bit. Hard to believe isn’t it? Sebastian was still sitting there, his knees up to his face, just staring at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He formed a heart out of his hands and pointed at me. He has always been good at telling me he loves me. I mouth I love you back to him…

    We have officially landed in India, in New Delhi to be exact. I heard some prisoners talking about the jail they are hauling us too. Tihar Jail. From what I have heard them speaking about, this jail is topnotch, strict as hell, and wont put up with stupid crap. You get into a fight, your put on a Death Row… Immediately… We are all tied onto this one big rope; probably carrying about 500 people. We are lead off the plane in single file; the leader a small man about half my size named “Kihljar Yutminoei”. Weird name, right? As we walked, armed Indians with a grim look on their faces, started to follow us. Everywhere you looked, people were staring. I heard them whisper, but I could never understand a word they were saying except for the occasional “Tihar”; the jail we were going to.
    A large sign suddenly appears before my sunburned eyes. It was almost like seeing something that told you were going to die.