• The moon was rising high into the heavens. Xaphan stood at the edge of the clouds, looking down at the civilization of Earth. Her powder white wings were folded neatly behind her back. A soft, cool breeze carried the sparkling white strands of her hair. Her eyes were a brilliant blue color, they captured the rays of light emitting from the moon.

    Her eyes were filled with disgust as she watched the humans below. Driving in their cars, smoking on the sidewalks, building structures that towered into the sky, slowly destroying the beauty of nature. All of them have no idea how much their 'normal lives' are slowing becoming their destruction. Xaphan clenched her fists, her wings unfurled and twisted around her. Rage consuming her entire body.

    "Xaphan, why do you seem so frustrated?" Xaphan knew instantly who it was. His voice was so gentle, it washed away all the rage. It sounded so pleasant so melodic, it was God. She turned around and faced God, instantly her body stiffened. She was stunned by God's beauty. He was so inhumanly beautiful a human would have been paralized. His eyes stared into hers as if trying to penetrate her thoughts. She looked away from his eyes. "The humans..."

    God's eyebrows raised. "The humans? Have they done anything to insult you in some way?"

    "They have done everything to aggravate me." She said firmly.

    God walked up to Xaphan, he looked down at Earth. "Now what did they do?"

    "Can you not see?" Xaphan's voice began to rise, her rage was returning. "They are destroying everything you have created! They have built towers all over the land, taking over the forests! They hunt animals not just for food, but for clothing, decorations, sometimes just for fun! And thats not even half of it!"

    God did not take his eyes away from Earth, but a smile grew on his face. "The humans are still developing. They may have free will but they also have a conscience."

    "Yes, they have a conscience, but it has not spoken up to them anymore! They are killing your creations! They are killing themselves! Why won't you do something?" God turned in Xaphan's direction, his face expressionless. "You only sit here and watch as they murder the animals and plants! How can you just sit here and watch!" Xaphan's voice was so loud that the angels passing by have stopped and watched. The other seraphs stepped up and glared at Xaphan. Xaphan was breathing hard and looking at God, her eyes were no longer filled with anger. Her eyes were looking pleadingly at God. "You must do something."

    God looked at the other angels. He lifted his hand and motioned for them to leave. The angels and seraphs reluctantly left. A wall of clouds surrounded God and Xaphan. He stepped up to Xaphan and caressed her cheek. "The humans are flawed, so are we. I love you, but you have left me with no choice. Goodbye, Xaphan." God reached up and tore Xaphan's halo away from her head.

    Xaphan's shriek pierced through the clouds and rang in everyone's ears. The pain was excruciating. It felt like her body was thrown into a tub of acid, no it was worse than that. She fell to her knees, clutching at her head. Her scream never ending. Tears streamed down her face. Her wings twisted in pain, the feathers began to burn. The flames painted the feathers of her wings black. Her hair began to burn as well. Her eyes flew open, they began to shift, the shade of her eyes changed from bright blue to blood red. Her knees began to slowly sink down under the clouds, she reached out and grabbed onto the edge but the mist that was solid for her was now slipping through her fingers. God looked down at her, his face expressionless yet again.

    The clouds refused to hold Xaphan up, she fell and plummeted into darkness. She tried to use her wings to fly but the pain prevented her from flapping her wings. She kept falling deeper and deeper till the darkness consumed her. The pain dissipated as the ice took over. She felt like she was pulled from the acid and dropped into a dark pit of ice, and the pit was bottomless. She had been falling for what seemed like hours.

    Finally she hit the bottom. Xaphan fell hard into a pile of sharp rocks. She didn't move, her eyes were unfocused and she was breathing hard. It took a while before she could see where she was. Looking straight ahead she could see green flickers of light that helped her to see through the darkness. She was surrounded by towers of rocks and it was eerily quiet, not a single sound could be heard. She could sense the presence of souls, alot of them, but it didn't feel pleasant like in Heaven. It sent chills down her spine.

    Xaphan finally realized what had happened to her. She had been exiled. God had banished her from Heaven, and into Hell. She had become the first and only fallen seraph.