• Are you a High School teacher? Over the age of 50? Still stuck at your desk reading over hundreds of English essays? Is your husband stuck there with you? Then retirement may be the choice for you!

    On average, a High School teacher has retired and is living happily with their spouse at the age of 50. Their dream house acquired, they’ve spent numerous beautiful and romantic vacations together, and are generally that harmonious couple you see holding hands and giving each other loving looks wherever they go. If you’re reading this, the life described above is obviously not yours. But where there’s a retirement plan, there’s a way!

    Before going any further, you’re going to want to cover preparation for retirement. Being ready for retirement is as simple as asking yourself this, “Am I ready for retirement?” If your answer is “Yes”, then you’re on the right track reading this. If your answer is “Maybe”, then you still have questions about retirement and should keep reading. If you answered “No”, then you’re obviously in denial and should thoroughly re-read and memorize paragraph 2 before continuing.

    If you’re unsure about retiring, rest assured that this is normal. To help you make your choice, here are some Test Questions to answer to see how retirement will affect you.

    1. “Am I prepared to have tons of stress alleviated from my life?”
    2. “Am I willing to grow closer with loved ones?”
    3. “Am I ready to stop having nightmares about bad grammar and have easier sleep at night?”
    4. “Am I okay with going on vacations and cruises and being the envy of all my friends and family?”

    If you answered “Yes” to any of these, retirement should be looking better and better compared to the desk you’re currently confined to.

    At this point you may be asking this, “Retirement sounds great! But what are the downsides to retiring?” This is a perfectly rational and logical question to ask. What are the downsides to retiring? Here are a few:

    1. You’ll be paid every month for doing nothing

    2. You’ll have the chance to pursue life goals

    3. You’ll have more time for kids and family

    4. You’ll be given the chance to convince your spouse to do the same, bringing in more money and giving you both the chance to grow closer

    All of these are great reasons to not retire. Under no circumstance should these reasons make you want to retire.

    With all this being said, you now know the advantages and disadvantages of retirement. Your last task is now very simple. Put “+40” on this packet, get up, and walk away from the rest, officially starting your retirement and a better life!