• Athen. A normal villager from his small kingdom just going to the next village to try and find a home. This boy had never really done anything wrong. From the beginning he was not much of a liar, he did not abuse or hurt people. He did not really care about sex or riches he was simple and innocent.

    But sometimes it does not matter. Sometimes it does not matter if you give your spare gold to the needy, or if you have never hurt any one in your life. Sometimes things go against you for no good reason. And at this point despite his near pure soul he is abused. He was simple walking to the next village when attacked by masked men.

    They were lower class and could be seen from there warn out cloths. But they had swords and brute strength so at that point class did not matter. The boy only 19 had be throw down against a tree his hands quickly tied around the large trunk with wire which cut his pail skin. This was more sad at the truth that his skin was naturally darker. His dark green eyes slowly opened as the three men went through his side bag. There was a certain treasure in there though he was very un happy about letting go..

    "please.." He mumbled softly through his now pail lips.

    "m...My" But before he could finish he got a swift kick to the side of his face sending it flying to his left as blood splattered onto the tree behind him and onto the dirt next to him. His eyes filled with tears as he now hung his head limply to that side just staring at the dirt. He wished to move, to break free but his body was simple to week from the small beating. His head throbbed as blood dripped down his chin. He heard one of the men give a gasp and he knew what it was.

    "It is gold!" He weekly turns his head over to see them pull out a thin plate made out of gold an imprinted image of a woman on it...his mother. Tears soon begun to slip down his face as he watched it unfold. He could simple not let this happen so he tried again weekly opening his quivering lips and whispering.

    "...Pl..please...don't take that.." The men turn to him and chuckle darkly. One begun to walk with him getting dangerously close as he bent down to his victim nearly inches from him at his side.

    "Or what?" he asked slightly smacking the part of the boys lip that had been cut causing him to cringed. The man then turned his head to his partners and beckoned the plate to them with his hand. They chuckled and gave it a light toss the man at Ahtens side letting it slid in the dirt a little before picking it up.

    "So who is this?" he asked a dark deepness to his voice as he begun to wipe the dust off of it with his sleeve.

    "A girl of yours?...A lover?..A hooker perhaps you never got over?" After taking the dust off of the front he brought it to his lips yet in a position so Athen could see.

    "Well she is mine now.." He said in a deep calmness before he licked the plate slowly a slick smirk on his lips as his eyes stayed on the boy. Once the tongue had reached the top he slowly lowered it.

    "Ah she taste good" Athen kept his eyes down wishing for them to just go. He knew now asking for the plate back was ignorant yet... yet it still hurt deeply to know the truth. But it was not over yet. Athen flinched as he felt a hand touched his cheek and shot his gaze up at the man. His smile was cruel and filled with evil thoughts and desires.

    "I bet you will taste good too" He muttered causing the boys eyes to widen slightly. This had taken a turn for the worst.