• *We see the van drive an hour later. It's silent.*

    *There's a bandage around Luis' arm.*

    JoAnna: Alright, I know it's been a crazy day. Let's just forget that even happened.

    Vince: Yeah, let's just try and enjoy the day.

    Holly: We're gonna have a good day. How's your arm doing, Luis?

    Luis: It's okay.

    Tiffany: Ugh, I just need a drink badly.

    Holly: I'm sure she has some stuff.

    *She smiles.*

    *They pull up to a large rusted house. It looks abandoned and the doors and walls are missing.*

    Ryan: So...this is the house?

    *JoAnna gets out of the van. Holly gets out too.*

    JoAnna: Are you sure this is it?

    Holly: This can't be it. But...this is where the road their house is on.

    *Everyone else gets out.*

    *They all take a good look at the house.*

    Luis: So...where's the barbaque?

    Holly: This can't be right...

    Ryan: Man. I was looking forward to a drink too.

    *Holly walks up to the house.*

    Holly: This isn't right.

    JoAnna: Doesn't look like they live here anymore.

    *Holly shakes her head.*

    *Karine sees a "Pool" sign.*

    Karine: Heyy Vince! Want to go to the pool??

    Vince: Yeah!

    Tiffany: Uhh--hey-hey-hey. We need to stick together.

    Ryan: She's right.

    Vince: Don't worry, we'll be right back.

    *Karine smiles.*

    JoAnna: Just make sure you past those two sheds on your way there. You should see a pool there. Good luck.

    *They laugh and run off.*

    Luis: Man...


    *We see Vince and Karine running past the sheds, away from the house, holding hands.*

    *They start yelling and laughing.*

    *Karine is swinging her small jacket around as they run and Vince laughs.*

    *They run closer to their destination and run down a hill.*

    *Vince suddenly trips and falls.*

    Karine: Ohh-are you ok?

    *Vince slowly gets up.*

    *He then checks his clothes that he stained.*

    Vince: Crap...

    *Karine laughs and breathes deeply.*

    Karine: Oh wow. How did they ever get up and down here? Its a workout.

    Vince: Ugh yeah. So where's this pool at?

    Karine: I'm not sure.

    *They look ahead and see the farm.*

    *They walk closer.*

    *Five minutes pass and they are at the barn.*

    Vince: Do Holly and JoAnna's grandparents live there?

    Karine: They might.

    *They walk to the backyard and see a tractor engine on.*

    Vince: Somebody must live here. Their tractor is on.

    Karine: How do you know it's there's?

    Vince: Well who's else would it be?

    *Karine doesn't reply.*

    *They then walk alongside the house.*

    Vince: I'm sure somebody has to be home.

    Karine: I'm not sure.

    *They approach the front door of the house.*

    Karine: I wonder where their pool is.

    *Vince knocks on the door.*

    Vince: Hello? Is anybody home?


    *Vince walks in a small circle and knocks on the door again as Karine sits down on the porch, with her back facing him.*

    Vince: Someone has to be here.

    *He sees a tooth on the ground. He smirks and picks it up.*

    *He walks over to Karine and hands it to her. Karine jumps and throws it.*

    Karine: My God. Let's go!

    *She then gets up and walks over to the bench.*

    *Vince then hears something in the house. He looks inside and looks down the hallway, and sees a door open.*

    *He hears a noise again.*

    Vince: Hey, Karine!

    Karine: (from bench) Let's go!

    *Vince opens the door a bit.*

    *He looks inside and walks inside. He walks down the hallway and to the room. He then trips and we see a large man with a mask holding a sledgehammer.*

    *The man then raises the sledgehammer and smacks Vince in the head with it. Vince falls down on the ground and starts twitching with blood coming out his mouth.*

    *The man hits Vince again with it. Vince dies. The man drags Vince's body in the room and slams the metal door shut.*

    Karine: (from bench) Vince?

    *She slowly gets up. She then begins to walk toward the house.*

    Karine: Vince...?

    *She approaches the entrance door, opens it.*

    *She slowly walks inside and closes the door.*

    Karine: Vince...?

    *She slowly walks down the hallway. She enters a room on her right. She hears something.*

    Karine: Vince?

    *She stops for a minute.*

    *She then etners the room. She trips over a vase and falls on the floor.*

    *We hear a chicken bocking.*

    *She slowly kneels up and sees the chicken inside a cage, bocking and clucking.*

    *She has a scared look on her face. She then looks at the ground.*

    *We see a whole bunch of rotting teeth.*

    *She looks up and sees bone hands and fingers hanging from the ceiling.*

    *She then sees broken jaws on the ground in the corner. She sees bone arms on the ground as well.*

    *The chicken clucks louder.*

    *She looks around and sees bone legs forming a crossbone.*

    *We see skulls on counters.*

    *We also see a sculpture of an art made of bones and teeth.*

    *Karine sudddenly begins to cough.*

    *She coughs louder, gagging.*

    *She tears and coughs more.*

    *Karine starts panicking and she quickly gets up, feeling dazed, coughing.*

    Karine: Vincent!!

    *She leaves the room.*

    *When she gets to the hallway, the killer opens the metal door and sees Karine.*

    *Karine screams and begins running to the door as the killer runs after her.*

    *Karine gets to the porch, almost escaping but the killer wraps his arms around her from behind and starts dragging her back inside.*

    *She begins screaming like crazy, trying to break free, but his grip is too tight.*

    *Karine throws herself everywhere, but the killer smirks and takes her to the room.*

    *Inside the room, Karine still tries breaking free. The killer suddenly turns her around and picks her up.*

    *The killer then raises her up and places her back on a hook, hanging from the ceiling.*

    *Karine screams deeper and rapidly, and grabs the metal bar of the hook, over her head.*

    *She screams more as the killer slowly approaches the counter.*

    *He grabs his chainsaw.*

    *He then turns it on. Karine's screams cant be heard.*

    *The killer then starts slicing Vince's dead body with the chainsaw as Karine watches.*

    *Karine screams more, in extreme pain...*


    *Forty-five minutes later, back at the van.*

    Holly: Well, I guess we're not having a barbaque. I dont know where my grandparents are. I'm not even sure if they still live here.

    Tiffany: So what are we gonna do?


    Luis: Guess we're going back home.

    Tiffany: Alright. Guess we have no other choice.

    Ryan: Where's Vince and Karine?

    Holly: Not sure. But i'll--

    JoAnna: I'll go look for them.

    *Short pause.*

    Luis: You sure?

    JoAnna: Yeah, don't worry about it. I'll just get them real quick that way we can have a barbaque over at our house.

    *Holly giggles.*

    Holly: Alright, be careful, sis.

    JoAnna: Dont worry I will.

    *JoAnna walks off.....*


    TO BE CONTINUED! biggrin