• Do you ever need work but are too lazy to do it??
    Welcome to the School Black Market!!
    Here we have all your school needs.
    Oh is your final coming up? Here at the black market we have a copy of every upcoming final.
    Do you need art for your locker/binder/shrine? We have picture of your favorite anime characters, actors, or any weird person you desire!
    Are you hungry,hate your lunch or need lunch money? We got tacos, burritos, pizza, yorkshire pudding, and more. If you want stop by the auction offince by the water fountain.
    We also do homework for 1.00 each assignment! (0.50 per problem in math)We also have:
    -hall passes
    -cheat sheets
    -and many more!
    So welcome to school kiddies! rofl

    (We are not responsible for any dentions or other punishments. We will not refund your money)