• Prolouge ( sneak peek of later in the story)
    I stood in the shadows and watched as my brother bit the palm of his hand, something i've seen so many times before. As the blood flowed from his hand i switched my gaze over to his newest victim who's throat shall be burned from the inside out by my twin's acid blood. As recognition swept over me i could stand and stare in utter shock. The blood flowed from Preston's hand into his mouth. I choked back a scream of terror and stared at my twin in disbelief as he laughed walking away. The victim screamed in pain. I sank to my knees in defeat. Tears flowed from my eyes, a betrayal of my emotions. All i could think was I failed. The love of my life, the one saving my humanity, is now going to die a slow and agonizing death. It's all my fault.