• The church was quiet as he whispered into the silver cross clutched in hishands. The sound of rain tapped gently on the roof and lights from the street glowed through the windows. The light glowed down on the kneeling man, on his ebony trench coat, and it made his hair seem to shine like gold. As he sat praying, the doors to the church opened up, but the praying man did not flinch. Three men walked in, with magnums in their hands. They stopped, towering over him, taking aim.
    "I take it Mr.Fletcher is not pleased?" He spoke. The three men seemed to shutter at his voice. There was no emotion, no remorse, just emptiness. "N-No... Mr.Fletcher is not pleased." The man took aim. "You killed his only son." But before he could pull the trigger, the praying man turned and grabbed the mans wrist. He twisted it, snapping atleast four different bones and ligements, and ripped the magnum from his brocken hand. The other two turned to shoot in defence, but the praying man ducked down and shot only two bullets. Both men fell, dead, from the attack.
    The praying man looked around and saw the man with the brocken hand, running towards the door. The prying man held up his hand, feeling the air from the church, listening to it's floor creak, then a loud shot rang. The man fell to the ground screaming like a pig. The back off his knee was injured, and the bullet blew through the other side. Desperatley he crawled towards the door while the praing man walked towards him. He kicked the man onto his back, then he aimed.
    "I killed his only son?" The praying man said. "He killed my family."
    Another shot.
    The praying man breathed in, then he looked at the cross. "Bless me father." He looked down at is silver cross then flipped it around to look at the back of it. "T.M.F." was marked in cursive on the back. "For I am a sin." He clutched the cross, then walked out into the rain.
    What is the price of sin? The bible says it is to burn in the lake of fire. But what if you have already indured Hell on earth? Does those rules apply? If you fight against your Hell until the bitter end are you still destined for eternal pain?
    Time is almost over, and the world has rotted. And once the world finally ends and life has ceased to exist, what then?
    All human beings will hide in the themselves in the dens and rocks of the mountains and say, "Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the greath day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?"
    I don't think he will, the praying man.