• i stood there in the wind. eyes wattery and wet. i couldnt bear this at all. i then got down and sat with my knees up. i wrapped my tanish arms arond my tanish legs, and bore my face into my legs. i sat there and cried. i cried untill the tears stoped. then, i fell back. i lay still, thinking what my future would be without my love. i though back, all the memories. our first date, our first kiss, when we...
    i cried agian. i couldnt bare this. i couldnt live with it, i couldnt be me anymore. as i sat on ol hill rock, next to the glistning beach, i thought back to exactly what happened today

    it was 12:00 p.m when i got to the beach. i was joyful, happy, laughing. then, "he" pulled up. i turned, and saw the expression on his face was weak, and teary. he came over, and took my hand, and kissed my lips. he said
    "angel, i love you too much to leave. but, my mom got a job in Rome, and i have to go. i brought up to her that im 17 now, and can live on my own. but she says i cant. i saidto her, but what about my dear angel? what will i do without her?"
    "but Eric, u can live alone. your a Supernatural, very strong. and me, im just a loner Supernatural. until i found you 12 years ago. i still remember that day. oohhh, that wonderful day, and now broken today."
    "angel, i gotta go. i cant stay. but forever, and always, i love you."
    then, just like that, he ran to his car. and drove off. i came up here to my rock, and have been crying ever since. for 3 hours i have. and i dont think im going to stop. i loved him. i needed him. and yet, i cant deal with this.
    i got up. and brush off my pants. and ran for my pick-up truck Eric bought me. and drove, drove as fast as i could. and as then, i thought of my plan.
    go there, ask if i can come, and hope for a yes...