• Prolouge
    By: Phonicia D. Richardson

    "Once upon a time there was a girl with no name. She lived in a cave near and ally. She saw a huge bear coming out of the cave where she lived and she was frightened. Not of the bear but what would happen to the bear if she kicked it out. So she picked up some flowers in the near by field and made a new home. THE END!"

    .... ... .. . Thunder strikes outside.

    "WHAT?! That story was another failure:" Taunted Tra'varius. "Well, I'd like to hear you write a story for entertainment one day!" Nia snapped. Tra'varius rolled his eyes. "I'm just saying, they dont make any sense. Write a story about video games, something realistic-" Tra'varius cut off. "I LIKE YOUR STORIES!!!" Yelled Daicia. Nia smiled at her. "Why thank you little cousin, Tra'visha, What you think? You like it?" Asked Nia. "Oh ya, It was nice." Said Tra'visha numbly. Nia knew she was too focused on the computer game than her story. Tra'varius rolled his eyes again, Nia hated that. Then Deen walked in with a huge box full of science equipment from his last science fair project. Everybody said hi as soon as they spotted him. Nia rolled her eyes.

    Why do everyone always notice other people than they do to me? Nia thought. "Hey guys!" Deen greeted. "Deen, My MAN! When was the last time you had a girl friend?" Teased Tra'varius. "When was the last time you got an A on your report card?" Deen back fired. " Aha, Man you know there's noone smarter than you." Said Tra'varius. "Well, anythings possible when you believe." Said Deen as he start's putting his stuff from his box in Nia's closet. "Well thats only cause he don't be having time to study, he plays basket ball all day while me and daicia do the dishes." Blurted Tra'visha. "Shut up! Thats right, you may have brians but i'd beat anyone at B-ball plus, I'm the strongest kid in 6th grade. I'd beat any of you at basket ball, Deen, even tho im 12 and your 2 years older im still bigger and stronger than you." Boasted Tra'varius. "Which is more important?" Asked Deen sternly. "Physical strength baby! I fly like a Eagle sting like a cobra. The chicks can't resist me." Boasts Tra'varius agian. Throwing himself on Nia's bed.

    "Man if you dont get off my bed smelling like wet donkey ill jump like a tick and KO like mahummad ali!" Scolded Nia. Tra'varius got up and snatched his basket ball from Daicia. "Man, ya'll lame anyways." And swaggered quickly outta Nia's room. "Well it's time for ya'll to go anyway, before that storm gets worst." Said Deen to Tra'visha. "Yep, let's leave now Daicia." Said Tra'visha as she collected Daicia's boots and her coat. "We will say good bye to autie and grand daddy before we go ok?" Said Tra'visha. "Ok" Answered Daicia. Then they headed out. "Bye!" said Nia.... It was quiet in the room except for the thundering and rain outside and Deen stacking. Nia huffed. She didn't want Deen in her room.


    The front door slammed, Nia peeked through the curtain at the girls huddled together walking while Tra'varius tugged on Tra'visha's arm who was holding onto Daicia's arm, pulling through the rain and wind to their house up the road. They were still very young kids to take care of each other. They are under the care of there grandmother Ellen. But its more vice-versa cause she's living off of their child support and dont have any means to fix up the house. And Daicia, her mother's in jail and her fathers unknown, she's not even their real sister she was adopted like Deen in Nia's house. There's not much Nia's mama can do for her niece's and nephew. After all her mama's not doing much better. "Had any dreams lately?" Asked Deen. Breaking Nia's thoughts. "I... I haven't had any." Said Nia. Still staring out the window. How ever I did have this crazy dream, didn't make any sense. Nia thought. Was too weird. Still stacking " Want me to interprete any for you?" Asked Deen.
    Nia didn't say anything.

    "C'mon Nia, I don't mind. Side's I'm free all this week I can help you with anything now." Said Deen as enthusiastically as he could. Nia still didn't say a word or even look in his direction. Deen looked at her and walked toward Nia. "Nia." Deen sighed. " You have to let go of the past now, I can only go as far as you will let me... Nia... Please." Nia slips away to her computer desk top and begins to write in her note pad, She has about seven full written note pads on her desk top. Deen picks up the rest of his things and walks out feeling defeated. Closing the door gently behind.

    Rubbing the purple crystal on her silver necklace, Nia begins to Weep letting the tears soak in her note pad.

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