• (It is the afternoon and we see three girls walking up to a house. They knock at the door and Starr answers. Charity, Dawn, and Suzan enter Starr's home.)

    Starr: I'm so glad you finally made it! What took you guys so long?

    Suzan: Yeh. People wouldn't let us cross the street, so we had to find a back way here.

    Starr: Well thats good that you made it. Come down stairs with me and we'll have lunch. I have something to tell you.

    All: Sure

    (Everybody follows Starr to the basement.)

    Starr: I have a new neighbor. He moved here a couple of days ago and his name is Vasago.

    Charity: Where is he from?

    Starr: New Orleans.

    Suzan: Thats awesome.

    (Everybody is having lunch with Starr as they watch music videos from Queen Of The Damned.)

    Starr: Lestat is so hot!

    Charity: Not my type.

    Suzan: Why?

    Charity: I don't know.... he just isn't.

    Starr: I wish he'd come and bite me.

    Dawn: You wish....

    Starr: I'll say

    (They started to get tired and they fell asleep. Starr was listening to Penetrate by Godhead full blast. -zoom in on Starr as she tosses about. Dawn comes and wakes her up.)

    Dawn: Starr wake up, you're having a dream.

    Starr: Whoa... what?

    Dawn: You were having a dream.

    Starr: Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

    (A few hours later they all woke up and Charity, Dawn, and Suzan all went home. Starr walks up and down the grass remembering her dream. Vasago sneeks up behind her and scares her.She turns around)

    Vasago: Didn't mean to frighten you.

    Starr: It's ok.

    Vasago: So..... why are you pacing the grass?

    Starr: Well, my friends and I fell asleep. Dawn woke me up and said I was having a dream. I felt like my life was draining away.

    Vasago: Well.... I know I just met you yesterday and all but I have something to tell you. I didn't want to wait to tell you. Would you believe me if I told you what i'm about to say?

    Starr: Yes, what is it?

    Vasago: I've been on this earth for nearly 221 years.

    (Starr looks confused)

    Vasago: I am a vampire and I was making you have the dream.

    Starr: That was you?

    (Starr thinks he's making it up)

    Vasago: Yes, that was me. I'm.....

    Starr: (believes him now) A vampire? I have a huge obsession with vampires.

    Vasago: An obesession with the undead, impressive.

    Starr: Thanks.... how old are you?

    Vasago: 16, and you?

    Starr: 16. so 221 years? That's along time. So who was your creator?

    Vasago: His name was Lust. He turned me in 1700s. He became a vampire in 1669. I lived in a nice home and live a rich life. (FLASHBACK) It all happend one night when I was walking in a cemetary. My torch burned out and it was hard to see in the dark. So I tried my best to walk. I had tripped and hit my head on a tombstone. The next time I woke up, I was in a fairly large mansion.

    Starr: So.... I guess then that Lust had found you and took you back to his home.

    Vasago: I woke up and explored the mansion, no one was around.

    Starr: I take it he was out for a fresh meal?

    Vasago: I guess. By the time he had got back, I explored the whole mansion. I didn't try to escape because I was facinated with the gothic architecture and styles. I heard the front door close and I ran back to the room I found myself in and when he came in I pretended like I just woke up. I walked over to the bedroom door and ran out. He caught up to me fast. The next thing I knew his mouth was clamped onto my neck and a sharp pian as he bit me. I could feel my life going into darkness, as he was draining my life.

    Starr: So that's how you became a vampire?

    vasago: Not just yet. After I drank from his wrist, it was just the beginning. I started to toss about in pain. In just a few seconds, I was now the undead. It's been an endless wasteland of eternity, until I met you.

    Starr: Wow, that is completely facinating. I'm glad to be a friend of a vampire. ( thinking thought: I wish i could be bitten)

    Vasago: I can read your thoughts. I don't think you want to be bitten, nor want to be a vampire, when there is the endless procession of days, months, and years of loneliness and quiet solitude.

    Starr: So why did you tell me that you were a vampire?

    Vasago: Well, if you must know the reason. When I saw you and after I met you, I knew then I could trust you.

    Starr: Well.... i'm glad you can trust me. ( thinking thought: Please turn me)

    Vasago: I'm not going to turn you. At least wait a while.

    Starr: A while? (giggles) Sure I can wait.

    (Vasago smiles and continues to look at Starr.)

    Starr: So can you do other things?

    (She talks as she move to diffrent spot and lays down on the grass.)

    Vasago: I can't tell you any more about that.

    Starr: That's ok.

    Vasago: So tell me more about you.

    Starr: Well, I'm in the 10th grade and you know I am 16 and have an obsession with vampires. I love heavy metal music and industrial as well thats about it.

    Vasago: I know we just met yesterday but, I have a big question to ask you.

    Starr: Will you go out with me?

    Vasago: Exactly.... so will you?

    Starr: Sure, I'd love too.

    (Charity, Dawn, and Suzan see Starr talking to the unknown person.)

    Charity: Who is your new friend?

    Starr: Oh, hi guys. This is the new neighbor I was telling you about. Vasago, this is (points as she says their names) Charity, Dawn, and Suzan.

    Vasago: Nice to meet you three.

    Suzan: Starr told us you were from the New Orleans.

    vasago: Yes, I am. Its very beautiful and there are alot of masquarade balls and parads there.

    Charity: I wish I can afford to go there. I love to go to a masquarade ball.

    Vasago: Well, I have to go and get ready for dinner.

    Starr: Ok, no problem. See you tomarrow.

    ( They all watch Vasago leave and the four girls begin to chatter)

    Dawn: So tell us about him.

    Starr: He's 16 and he already asked me out.

    Charity: Are you kidding us?

    Starr: I would not kid around with this one.

    Suzan: You are so lucky to have him, he seems really nice.

    Dawn: Suzan is right, hes cute.

    Starr: We better get going, its getting late.

    Everyone leaves.

    To Be Continued.......