• Prologue
    The pain was unbearable. I wanted to scream and thrash out but I couldn’t move a muscle. I was being drained of all my own blood and I can’t even fight back. What’s the point anyways, it’ll soon be over like its have been doing the nights before. But tonight is a different night, not only is it lasting longer than normal but the pain is more intense and real.
    I have this dream every night since I turned sixteen, and in a month I’ll be turning seventeen.
    All of my dreams are the same; I’ve never had another dream except this one. It’ll always be the same dream no matter how many times I sleep during the day and try desperately to think of something that’ll make me dream of something other than this one particular dream.
    In my dream I lay motionless on the ground as I have this fiend drink my blood ar my neck. I never see his face; all I see is the starry night and his broad shoulders. All I feel is the pain coursing through my body as he drinks me dry. Each night I always wake up before I die, but tonight as I feel my end nearing, I’m not waking up.
    Tonight’s dream is very different than my other dreams. I could actually feel the pavement under my body and feel the wind whip through my hair as I lay there motionless.
    Maybe this isn’t a dream.
    My heart quickened as the thought crossed my mind. My capturer moaned in pleasure for a reason I don’t know.
    I could feel his lips sucking on my skin and I could feel the blood draining into him. I could also somehow feel he was getting stronger with every sip. His hand my holding my head so he could get more leverage to my neck. Then suddenly he stopped. His lips pulled away from my neck and traveled up to my cheek. I could feel my hands get a little feeling back as soon as his lips leave my neck. I could only wiggle my fingers as the rest of my body still laid dumb.
    His lips moved to my ear. I shivered as his frosty breath breathed on my ear and through my hair.
    “You can’t escape,” he whispered in a deep seductive tone. His voice was deep and handsome, and only made me want to get far away from him as soon as possible. “I will make you mine, even if it kills you.” He moved his lips from my ear to my cheek where he placed a kiss, his winter lips sending more shivers through my body. His chuckle was deep as he had amusement to my frightfulness.
    Then I finally got a full view of his face. He was extremely handsome. He had wonderful golden eyes. His hair was a mess of boyish blond curls. His face was lean and beautiful. Every curve and feature was to die for; he was every girl’s fantasy. He didn’t look that much older than me, maybe in his late teens to early twenties.
    He was like an angel.
    His lips curved into a smile as he looked down at me with his beautiful golden eyes. I couldn’t look away; he was so memorizing. His lips were perfect in every way. His bottom lip was slightly bigger than his top and was shaped beautifully, but they were somewhat smeared with blood, my blood. “It’s a shame though; you might lose your mortality in the process.” His hand was gently caressing my cheek as he spoke. He brought his face down to mine and I could feel his lips gently brush against mine.
    He dropped his elbows down letting his full weight press against me. He was quite heavy. I could feel every muscle in his body flex and un-flex as he relaxed. I still couldn’t move my own muscles nor could I talk. What was he doing? His lips pressed against mine, first softly than more intensely. He gently nibbled my bottom lip and then bit down slightly drawing blood to suck on.
    I still couldn’t move and my heart was beating faster with every move he made.
    “To bad this isn’t happening in real life,” he said in between kisses. “I would really like to make you mine and for you to be by my side for eternity.” I could feel an involuntary tear fall from my eye running down my cheek.
    I woke up in a jolt. Sweat was pouring down my face and chest. My hand flew to my neck where it still slightly burned. I look around and found myself still in my bedroom. A sigh of relief escaped my lips. It was only a dream.
    I lie back down on my pillow and wipe the sweat off my face with the back of my sleeve of my pajamas.
    My neck was still burning from where my dream guy bit me. My hand rested once more on that spot as the dream flew through my head over and over again. I never told anyone about my dream. I’m too afraid to, like they might send me to some psycho place and try to fix me from my delusions or something like that. I remember watching movies about people having the same dream over and over again until that dream came true. I know those are just movies but I can’t help the feeling I was getting that this dream isn’t a dream. One day it feels like this dream will come true if I don’t do anything about it.
    What did he mean to make me his? At first he was killing me by draining my blood, and then he was talking about making me his and he will kill me if he doesn’t get what he wants. This dream guy has mental issues, thank god he isn’t real.