• (vasago comes in nicely dresses. He sneaks up on Starr as he puts his arms around her.)

    (Starr jumps)

    Vasago- Good afternoon my love.

    Starr- Good afternoon to you too. I have something to talk to you about.

    Vasago- What is it?

    Starr- Last night, I went out for a walk. I was heading back home and there was this guy following me.

    (Vasago looks suspicious)

    Vasago- What did he look like?

    Starr- He was tall, had medium or short hair I guess. It was to hard to tell.

    Vasago- Go on.

    Starr- He was dressed in a fashion like yours.That's all I can really say because it was dark out. You wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?

    (Vasago looks shocked)

    Starr- Oh, one more thing, he was also in my dream that you were in.

    Vasago- I'll be back in 20 minutes.

    Starr- OK. Give me a shout.

    (Starr stays outside and vasago goes home. In Vasago's home you see a figure sitting down.)

    Vasago- Lust, why are you here?

    Lust- I can tell that you have a human lover. (says as he gets up and walks towards him.) she seems nice....(whispers in one ear.) and tasty....( whispers in the other ear.)

    Vasago- Please don't touch her. She's mine.

    Lust- So she's your food now?

    (Vasago look down.)

    Lust- Oh, don't tell me.... she's your girlfriend (gets louder) and you, of all vampires want to turn her, but you don't want to just yet.

    (Vasago looks up as Lust kind of traps him by the wall.)

    Vasago- Exactly

    (Lust whispers.)

    Lust- You aren't ready to turn her yet are you?

    Vasago- I wasn't going to tun her immediately, I was going to wait.

    (Lust gets louder again.)

    Lust- You should have done it right then and there because, the other vampires may find out sooner or later.

    (Lust chuckles and points at Vasago.)

    Lust- but you my darling child are lucky that I'm here to protect you.

    Vasago- I need to get back to her.

    Lust- I'll be watching.

    (Vasago goes back outside and finds Starr.)

    Vasago- Starr, I know who was following you last night. It was Lust.

    Starr- Why was he following me?

    Vasago- He thought you were my night snack and wanted to bring you to me.

    Starr- Oh..... did you tell him I'm not.

    Vasago- Yes, and he said alright.

    Starr- So when do I get to meet him?

    Vasago- Now, if you want.

    (Vasago signals Lust to come over and meet Starr.)

    Vasago- Starr this is Lust. Lust, this is Starr. My girlfriend.

    Lust- Bonjour madmzel. Enchantee.

    (Lust takes Starr's hand and kisses it formally.)

    Starr- Hi, so you're Vasago's creator?

    Lust- Yes, i am. So how did you two meet? I'm curious to know.(Jokingly with a hint of seriousness.)

    Vasago- I saw her two days ago. I came over and introduced myself.

    Lust- I see. So when are you going to turn her into one of us? (jokingly and smiles)

    Vasago- Please, Lust. I told you already.

    Starr- To bad you can't just turn me now.

    Vasago- I know but you still have.....I mean I still have time to decide if I want to turn you or not.

    Starr- That's right, sorry.

    Lust- Well, I've got to go. Hunger problems.

    Vasago- Alright.

    Lust- Nice to have met you Starr.

    Starr- Hope to see you again sometime.

    (Lust leaves)

    Starr- So tell me, what have you seen during your years as a vampire?

    Vasago- I've seen people come and go, die and live, suffer in pain and agony.(smiling)

    Starr- That's dark.

    Vasago- but the world goes on.

    Starr- so why did you choose me?

    Vasago- i choose you because when you're a vampire, there are reasons. a vampire's life gets lonely and at a certain point in a young vampire's life, he or she has to choose someone to turn so they have someone to look after.

    Starr- why did lust think i was your.....

    Vasago- prey?

    (Starr nods her head)

    Starr- right.

    Vasago- when a vampire hunts, they talk to that victim and lowers them into a trap. so to speak.

    Starr- but now he won't do that, but he'll still follow me?

    Vasago- right, he'll still follow you. just try to think of him as your own private body guard.

    Starr- I'll try, but what if I'm with friends?

    (trying to think of more questions)

    Vasago- let me know ahead of time and I'll let him know.

    Starr-OK,will do

    (Starr picks up a flower with thorns. the thorns stab her and she begins to bleed)

    Starr- ouch.....stupid flower

    (Starr throws the flower in any direction)

    Vasago- what happened?

    Starr- i picked up a flower and it stabbed me.

    (shows wound to vasago. he look when he sees the blood)

    Vasago- Starr, walk away right now.

    Starr- why? is it because of the blood?

    (vasago gets angry at Starr and yells)

    vasago- (in an angry voice) Starr get away from here now.

    (Starr gets frightened and jolts away. vasago starts to throw things in rage. lust enters.)

    lust- why did Starr jolt off and why was she crying?

    vasago- thorns on a flower stabbed her. i turned away when i saw the blood and i told her to leave. she wouldn't listen and so i yelled at her.

    lust- you should stay away for a couple of days. at least let your blood rage die down.
    now come, i have a snack for you.

    (a few days have passed. Starr is sitting where it happened, hoping vasago would be there. vasago comes.)

    Vasago- I knew I'd find you here.

    Starr- Why did you yell at me like that?

    Vasago- I'm sorry that I did that to you. See when I saw the blood , it made me have this blood rage. When something like that happens, I can't control myself. I would have killed you. Do you forgive me?

    Starr- If you did it to save me, yes, I forgive you.

    (Vasago kisses Starr on the cheeks)

    Starr- It was my fault to begin with.

    Vasago- It's alright. What's done is done. It's in the past now.

    (Vasago holds Starr in his arms. Vasago sences Lust is near, watching.)

    Vasago- Lust, come out of hiding.

    (Lust comes out from behind a tree)

    Lust- Did you two sort things out?

    Starr- Yes, we did.

    Lust- That's good.

    Starr- So, why didn't you come and talk to me for the past couple of days?

    Vasago- I.......uh......

    (Lust jumps in the conversation.)

    Lust- I tod him not to, I mean after what happened. He had to et the blood rage die down.

    Starr- OK, that's a reliefe. Oh Lust, did you follow me last night?

    Lust- No........ I was thaking care of Vasago.

    Starr- Does any one else know about us?

    Vasago- Besides your friends?

    Starr- Yeh, but they don't know you're a vampire.

    Vasago- Well then I don't know. If others knew, they would have us killed bleeding dry.

    (Lust looks serious at Starr)

    Lust- They would have us killed because they don't like to be exploited to the rest of the world. Vasago would die because he didn't kill you nor did he turn you.

    (Starr holds vasago tightly)

    Starr- You know I would never tell anyone.

    Vasago- I know you wouldn't but they don't know that.

    Lust- If worse comes to worse, our famiy will protect you from the bad vampires and demons.

    Starr- Thanks..... where is the rest of your family?

    Lust- Their around here somewhere.

    (They all look around.)

    Starr- Ah......OK.

    To Be Continued......