• The next day Vasago,Lust,and Starr are already outside chatting. dawn, charity, and suzan come to join in.)

    dawn- we're here

    charity- hi Starr. hi vasago.

    (charity wave at them.)

    suzan- is this another stranger you have not introduced us to?

    Starr- yes. lust this is dawn and suzan. you guys, this is lust.

    lust-(bows) nice to meet you three.

    (all three girls are in a daze and snap out of it.)

    suzan- nice to meet you.

    charity- glad to be of an acquaintance.

    dawn- hi.

    (lust looks amongst these three girls and sees one he likes)

    lust- (whispers) i see a girl i like.

    vasago- don't kill her.

    (Lust goes over to Charity and she walks with him.)

    Starr- (whispers) What is he doing with Charity?

    Vasago- Don't worry he won't hurt her.

    Starr- That's good.

    (We leave Vasago, Starr, and her two friends and follow Lust and Charity. Dawn and Suzan leave.)

    Charity- So where are we going?

    Lust- Just for a walk. How old are you?

    Charity- Fifteen. Where are we going?

    Lust- (Lust pushes Charity up against a car) Close your eyes.

    Charity- Why, what are you going.......

    (Lust puts a finger on her lips.)

    Lust- Close your eyes.

    (Charity cloes her eyes and Lust tilts Charities head back and bites her. You see pain on her face, but she doesn't scream.Lust stops and pulls away.Charity drops to the ground.)

    Lust- (Bends down and whispers in her ear.) Now I can leave you hereto die or I can turn you.

    Charity-(says in a very faint, almost whisper like voice.) Turn me into what?

    Lust- All you have to do is say yes or no.

    (Charity struggles to speak.)

    Charity- Y....Yes.

    Lust- Alright then.

    (Lust cuts his wrist and holds it over Charities mouth. Charity grabs his arm and lowers it to her mouth and begings to drink the warm blood.)

    Lust- Drink and you'll become something so much more.

    (Few seconds later.)

    Lust- Stop. You must stop.

    (Charity keeps drinking because she can't get enough. Lust pushes back as he goes flying.Charity begins to turn, she screams.)


    (Vasago and Starr run to find where the screaming was coming from. They found Charity on the ground tossing about.)

    Vasago_ Lust, what have you done?

    Lust- I need a new child to look after.

    (Starr goes over to Lust and starts to hit him. Lust grabs Starr's arm, and turns her around so she's facing Vasago. Lust then takes the other arm and puts it behind her back, with his other arm crossing her sholders. She is traped.)

    Vasago- Let Starr go. Lust, please.

    (Lust ignors Vasago because he has the blood rage. Vasago sences this in Lust. Lust starts to tilt Starr's head.)

    Starr-(struggles) Vasago, get him off me.

    Vasago- I can't. He's too strong and with blood rage.

    (Lust takes a glimpes at Vasago and smiles devilishly.)

    Vasago- Lust, don't you dare. She's mine.

    (Lust immediatly bites Starr. Starr tries to escape and she struggles. Vasago rushes to find something to throw. He finds a brick and throws it at the back of Lust's head. Before Lust gets knocked out, he threw Starr to the ground.)

    Vasago-(As he catches Starr) He didn't drain you half way. You'll be ok.

    Starr-(Faintly) Why did he do that?

    Vasago- When he drank from Charity, he had gotten a blood rage, which caused him to loose control.

    Starr-(Looks over at Charity) How is she?

    (Vasago checks on Charity)

    Vasago- Charity has finished the transformation.

    (Charity gets up and runs away)

    Vasago- Charity, come back here.

    Starr- Just leave her, Lust will get her.

    Starr- What if Dawn and Suzan ask where she is?

    (Vasago helps Starr up)

    Vasago- I don't know.

    (Vasago carries Starr over to a grassy area. Meanwhile, we return to Lust. He wakes up from being knocked out and goes to find Vasago and Starr. Vasago sences Lust.)

    Lust-(Rubbing his head) What happened?

    Vasago- After you took Charity, you bite her after I told you not to. We heard screaming and we went to go check it out. We had gotten there and here is Charity on the ground. Anyway, Starr attacked you and you bit her out of blood rage.

    Starr-(Holding a towel to her neck to stop the bleeding) He found a brick and knocked you out and my neck still hurts.

    (Lust takes a look at the mark he made on Starr)

    Lust- I'm so sorry. Now you know why he saved you from himself when he had the blood rage.

    Starr-(whispers in Vasago's ear) Ask him when Charity will be back?

    Vasago- Do you think Charity will be back soon?

    Lust- I'm sure she will when the hunger sets in.

    Vasago- That wil be soon.

    (Lust starts walking home.)

    Lust- I think I'll head back home and wait for her. Are you coming Vasago?

    Vasago- (Looks at Starr, then back at Lust.) No,I think I'll Stay a little longer with Starr.

    Lust- Alright.

    (We follow Lust as he goes to the fridge and gets a gallon of blood out and pours some into a glass. Charity storms in screaming mad)

    Charity- What have yo done to me?

    Lust- I turned you into a vampire.

    Charity- Turn me back.

    Lust- It's too late. You have to accept it.

    (Charities fangs start to grow in and it causes her pain)

    Lust- Don't worry, it's just your fangs. After they grown in, you'll start to thirst for blood.

    Charity- But I'm a vegiterian.

    (Lust laughs)

    Lust- Not animal blood, unless we're traveling. Human blood you'll thirst for. Deal with it, it is in your nature now.

    (The fangs stop growing in and a sharp pain causes her to hold her stomache. Lust drinks the glass of blood. Charity goes over and snatches it from his hands and refills it twice.)

    Lust- you need to stop now, you need to go rest.

    (Charity goes to bed. We return to Vasago and Starr.)

    Vasago- Do you want to stay at my house for a couple of days?

    Starr-(Smiles) Sure.

    (Vasago carries Starr to his house and lies her down on the couch.)

    Vasago- Rest here for now, my love.

    (Vasago gets blankets and covers Starr up.)

    Starr- Stay here untill I fall asleep.

    Vasago- Alright.

    (Vasago stays with Starr. - Zoom in on vasago kissing Starr's forehead.)

    To Be Continued........