• In the year 3039 the government created a new spray that could change your eye color! It became popular across the globe in only a few days, but.... something happened, something horrible. the people that used the spray in a few days there eyes, they turned a sickly black color. And there skin and teeth rotted and decayed, and they had a craving to eat anything in there way, "Anything." The government (knowing the screwed up epicly) made two key inventions for survival,one was giant domes called "homes" to keep the unaffected humans safe, another was to create a large group of super humans to "eliminate" the "freak show" happening to our mother earth. these creations were called Gene Cleansers

    A few years have passed and the world you think you know has started to crumble into a post-apocalyptic world.We have been able to kill all the sub-humans on the eastern side of the world and are able to keep the creatures in America separate from the rest of the world (antartica not included)......but for how long. the story begins in Seoul a city in Asia