• They were running hard down the sidewalk, and turned sharply, throwing themselves against the wall of the next building, hidden.

    One of them, the one with short black hair and dark emerald eyes, smirked and took a deep breath, knowing they might be sprinting again, soon enough. She loaded a small handgun and handed it to her friend, who had long brunette hair and light brown eyes and was right next to the sidewalk. Both were wearing regular, similar clothes. Just a plain T-shirt and jeans, street shoes like Vans or Converse, and were trying to catch their breath.

    Gripping the gun, the girl with lighter hair peered around the corner and nodded, taking aim. She pulled the small trigger a second later, and stepped away from the shelter of the wall to admire her work. A satisfied, grim smile played on her lips, her free hand on her waist. "Got 'im."

    "Reian, that wasn't half bad." The girl with black hair smirked again and emerged from behind the building, walking closer to the man on the ground, face-down. One less worry.

    "Ashli," she laughed uneasily, "I hate doing this." Now leaning against the wall for support, her voice had quickly gone from impressed to shaky and upset. Of course she was upset...Tomorrow ould be the anniversary...It would be two years after.

    After everything. After the murders. The witnessing. The blood, screams, tears. Bullets, gunshots...

    After Rei's family had been murdered, if course. Two years ago...

    She'd been home, with her sister Lauren, her mother and father, and Ashli....It was a sleepover. Her parents were upstairs and the three girls were in her room. A banging at the door brought the parents' attention, and they'd told one of them to get it. Lauren had answered. A few mutterings, a few questions asked by the men at the door, then the first gunshot. The first scream. The first blood stain. Hiding in her room, Reian and Ashli were frightened, quick to hide. The friends went behind the door, to another room that led to the backyard. Hearing steps on the stairs, Rei ran out, back into the living room and up the stairs, followed by Ash.
    Unfamiliar yells commanded and asked for things, the parents refusing to give out information. A few sounds, like hits and thuds, came from the shut door, and then the mother screamed it out. For fear the father'd be killed if not said. "It's in the locket! The damned silver locket! Downstai---!" More gunshots, no more protests, and then footsteps again. Down the stairs.
    Gasping and grasping the silver chain around her neck, Reian waited to see the men. One had to be the boss...Right? She'd see his face...Tell the cops...Her friend's hand gripped her wrist and tore her down the stairs, but not before three guys appeared, shouting to follow after the girls that they saw immeadiately. One had...Had...Anything she might be able to identify easily, Rei looked for...The meanest looking man was holding a gun, in a hand with a snake tatoo. It's fanged mouth was opened to the area between the thumb and pointer finger...Right hand...It was green with gold edges on the scales and lighter green eyes.
    Yelping as she was fiercely yanked down the stairs, Reian cried. Ashli threw her into her room, and locked the door behind them, running to the other room and out into the backyard...Locking that door from the inside and drying off her eyes, Rei looked at her best friend.

    Feeling someone shake her shoulders roughly, her eyes came back to focus. "Rei, you blanked out again...You alright?" Ashli was staring at her, then engulfed her in a hug. "I'm so sorry, so sorry..." She whispered, and Reian saw the now -dead man from her view off of Ash's shoulder. He didn't have the serpent tatoo...None of them ever did.
    "Lets go eat or something, definately before cops come, alright?" Without waiting for an answer, she dragged Rei down the street quickly, the silver necklace dangling at Reian's throat.

    The last things theyd said before fleeing..."Ashli, what do we do?" Reian had wailed. "We run. Simple as that. We run until its over. Either way, someone's ending up dead, its either us or them. But for now, we hide. Now, hurry! They're gonna get out! Run!"